Saturday, November 21, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST
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Renee Ranke 
Institute for Spiritual Development 

Melding Into The Light: Learning to Purge and Protect From Dark Forces with Dr. Paula Petry 

In this time of turmoil and unrest, we may feel vulnerable to dark forces.. In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to share your perception and experiences with the ‘dark’ and learn multiple ways to protect yourself. You will experience a shamanic journey into the upper realm to a sacred healing altar – to receive a seal of protection to illuminate your path.   

 Paula will share her perception as a shamanic energy medicine practitioner and will read excerpts from her chapter, Dark Entitites, in her newly released book, A Mother’s Courage to Awaken – where she describes her interface with dark entities through her client work and her personal struggles.  

 Your registration includes a signed copy of Paula’s book ($18.95 value),  which will be mailed to you.


Excerpts  from 'A Mother’s Courage to Awaken'':

 "The entity, of little surprise, made its way back into my psyche. It arrived with a taunting female voice, Na-nana-naa-nah, I am back, and you can't do anything about it." Its versatility was remarkable and at the same time consistently vicious, cruel, sneaky, and relentless. What was it going to take? "


"Places where the dark forces feed.  

As Alberto Villolodo explained in class, “We need to look directly into the eyes of pain, of fear. That is the way your shadow becomes smaller and smaller. Shadow is that place that you do not recognize as yours.” So, with an inner gaze, we can find our own self-pity, victimhood, greed, deceit, jealousy, envy, aggressiveness, vindictiveness, etc. "


Your Teacher:

Dr. Paula Petry’s journey of self-discovery, healing and personal empowerment began with the birth of her daughter, Alexandra, who was born with Spina Bifida. Complicating things, the birth and earliest care took place in the Dominican Republic, where in 1984, the lack of adequate healthcare and skilled providers forced Paula to pave a new path not only her daughter but for many others. She became a strong advocate for children with disabilities, forming what is now one of the leading parent advocacy organizations in the country. She brought that knowledge and her passion for family-centered care services to her faculty position at the University of Miami, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics— for over a decade preparing pediatricians and other disciplines to work with children with special health care needs.Alexandra’s death at age twelve brought great loss, suffering, and new beginnings. On her journey to healing, Paula studied energy medicine, sound healing, and the expressive arts, which she now blends together in retreats, workshops, and individual shamanic healing sessions. Her passion is to help women awaken to their inner truth and power, a theme and focus of her book,  A Mother’s Courage to Awaken:  Hope and Inspiration From my Daughter’s Journey in the Afterlife.  Paula is the Wellness Director at the private innovative elementary and middle school, Lightwork Education & Wellness Center. She resides in Cooperstown, New York where she is a co-owner of the Light of Heart Sanctuary.