Pumpkin Carving like You've Never Seen Before! 

an Upstate International Cultural Sensations Experience for the entire family!
Thursday, October 29 at 7:00 pm

The art and craft of edible plant sculpture is nothing new in the east. Japanese food carving is called mukimono, and has long been a hallmark of elegance in Asian cuisine. Mukimono’s popularity has spanned generations, particularly in Japanese and Thai cuisine, where it has been practiced since ancient times.

Western history has its own love story with food carving, although for a slightly spookier reason. Irish legend about a trickster called Stingy Jack says he swindled the devil and is doomed to roam the earth for eternity. His wandering spirit uses a hollowed out turnip as a lantern. Some say Jack of the Lantern, or Jack O’Lantern, can still be seen when the darkening winter days are approaching and the veil of reality is thin. Celebrants of Samhain, the pagan precursor to Halloween, carved ghoulish faces into turnips, like Jack O’Lantern’s, to keep menacing spirits away. When Irish Americans imported this tradition, they found North American pumpkins to be even more suited to the task. 

Grab your cocktail, your kids and some candy and join us as we welcome Stephan C. Baity, Master Carver. Stephan Baity has appeared on Food Network's Halloween Wars and has competed in the American Culinary Federation's Olympic-style carving competitions. Stephan C. Baity is a father of four and a proud native of Canton, Ohio. After graduating culinary school in 1999, he spent time at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI studying under internationally known chefs. He also has ties to the Upstate, Stephan is connected with Wofford College through his work as Director of Culinary and Board Operations. While he is best known for his creativity and flair for dramatic plating, in recent years he has burst onto the fruit and vegetable sculpting scene.

As the founder of Graffiti Carving, he’s taken home the gold in a number of sculpting competitions. As an artist he uses the canvas of fruit and vegetables to send a unique message that encourages other culinarians to push the boundaries. His philosophy is “Boxes are for dead things. If you want your work to live on, break out of the box!” His sense of adventure, humor and work ethic is his trademark.

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