Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT
Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST

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Lee Ann Somers 
Being U - Holistic Center & Meditation School 

November Being U MASTERclass Live Webinar Series with Lee Ann Somers ~ Being OPALESCENT

The Novmeber MASTERclass Series meets one evening per week on Zoom from 7pm-9ish pm EDT on October 29th, and Novmeber 5th, 12th, and 19th. These classes will be live on Zoom and will be recorded in case you are not able to make one of the evenings.

Welcome to Being U’s MASTERClass Series!

This MASTERclass is a monthly opportunity for Lightworkers of all levels to participate in a LIVE Online 4-week Intensive training program featuring different monthly topics to help you to achieve your Spiritual Mastery Goals and Level up your Consciousness game!

If you're ready to:

  • Do some deep Soul Searching to know what it means to BE U...
  • Expand your Self-Healing and Self-Loving talents by training with the Alchemy of your 7 Rays...
  • Embrace the Power of Transformation by integrating your Spirit into your Humanity...
  • Build a working connection to your Higher Self, Guides, Guardians, and God/Source/Universe...
  • Create a Life worth living that is full of authenticity, well-being, happiness, empowerment, and love...

...Then this MASTERCLASS Series is for you!

Join me for a very special BEING U MASTERCLASS as I introduce first time teachings from one of the Secret Rays on “BEING OPALESCENT”!

I couldn’t be more excited to offer this MASTERCLASS, because while I have been working with the Opalescent Ray with my team in Spirit for many years, and while it has made an appearance here and there in other classes that I have taught, this is the very first time that I am asked to initiate Lightworkers into this Ray.

The “Being Opalescent” Masterclass will take you beyond SELF awareness to SOUL to answer that age old mystery, “Who Am I?”. We will have 4 weeks of channeled meditations, spiritual teachings, energetic attunements, and soul moving blessings from my teacher on this Ray, the MAHA CHOHAN – the overseer of all of the Ascended Masters & Teachers.

Everything about this Ray connects you to your soul level, it elevates your essence permanently into your Light, connects you to the I AM presence,  and fills your life with exaltation as your divine presence grounds into your human reality.

The Opalescent Ray brings in the divine healing frequencies of:

- Opulence, Spiritual Abundance, and Harmony

- OmniPotence and OmniPresence

- Soul Level Comfort and Oneness

- Spiritual Transformation and Ascension

- Divine Entitlement and Empowerment

- Prana: the Breath of Spirit

- Akasha: the Substance of the Spirit



October     29 – (THURSDAY) – Opalescent Ray Initiation

November   5 – (THURSDAY) – The Soul Star Chakra Attunement

November 12 – (THURSDAY) – Messages from the Maha Chohan

November 19 – (THURSDAY) – Opalescent Alchemy

Opening your heart, mind, body, and Spirit to this Ray will take your Spiritual integration and training to the umpteenth level in the most comforting way, not to mention, that it will harmonize that many facets of your Beingness to create overall happiness, self love, and inner peace. It will also add additional spiritual strength to all of your other divine qualities (the Rays) and increase your repertoire of spiritual tools at your disposal.

Each of the Rays is a gift to humanity to not only use for our own personal spiritual achievement, but also to support the higher purpose. As we attune to the Opalescent Ray, we download it for the whole world to benefit from, and the Opalescent Ray is so needed at this time of change, awakening, and transformation. So, thank you, in advance, to each and everyone of you who answers the call to hold the Opalescent Ray’s healing frequencies in your aura, body, and beingness!! You are truly opulent, blessed and magnificent and I am honored to share this path with you!

No prior knowledge or experience of the Rays is required to participate. Everyone is welcome to tune in to BEING OPALESCENT! 

**If you want to pay by Zelle or Venmo, click on pay by check and then text me at 954-665-6193 to let me know how you will be paying.

Till I see you in the MASTERCLASS, know that you’re in my Opal heart, and THANKS FOR BEING YOU!!

Namast, BeUtiful BEings!

Lee Ann Somers