Sharae Ewing
Signworld Business Partners


Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 3:00 PM EDT
Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT

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Tentative Show Schedule

Thursday, October 14th

Exhibitor setup - 3:00pm - 8:00pm                                   Welcome Reception - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Friday, October 15th

Booth Setup and General Sessions - 8:00am - 4:00pm   Trade Show - 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday, October 16th

Trade Show - 8:00am - 11:00am                                       Exhibit Breakdown - 11:00am                             


The Galt House
140 N. Fourth St.
Louisville, KY 40202

Driving Directions 

Hotel Reservations

Click here to book your room reservation: Signworld 2021

1-800-843-4258 Code: 100621SIG


2021 Signworld Convention and Trade Show

Exhibitor Information and Registration 

Join us for our 2021 Convention and Trade Show and show off your latest greatest products and services to one of the largest and fastest growing sign organizations in the industry.  Signworld's 360+ sign companies continue to purchase more raw materials, finished goods, equipment and services which help them generate more and more revenue and profit year over year.  With over $65MM spent on goods and services annually, Signworld recommends and promotes those Preferred Partners that attend our trade show to funnel more and more business your way.  

Here is what is included in your sponsorship and registration fees:


Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

  •  Additional booth attendees - $200
  •  Additional 10x8 - $2,500
  •  Corner placement (10x8, 10x16, 10x24) - $500
  •  Island option (10x16, 20x16) - $1,000
  •  Coffee Break Sponsorship - $750 (SOLD OUT)
Everybody needs a break and more importantly everyone needs a caffeine infusion!  Sponsor one of our four coffee breaks and you’ll gain the owners attention as the giver of what most would call their “life blood” housed in custom coffee cups featuring your company logo. 
  •  Name Badge Sponsor - $1,500 (SOLD OUT)

Be the Name Badge Sponsor and your logo will be printed on every lanyard in the house! Name badges are worn by every owner and are required for all events, so you’ll get plenty of exposure! 

  •  Conference Guide Sponsor - $1,250 (SOLD OUT)
Looking for more advertising space? The Expo Guide Sponsorship is for you! Not only will you get the space tied to your booth selection, you will also get the back cover (full-page) as well as another full-page ad and other various mentions in the expo guide.
  • Hotel Keycard Sponsor - $1,500 (1 available)
Looking for your brand to make a daily impression? The Keycard Sponsorship is for you! Not only will you get the space tied to your booth selection, you will also have your logo, message or any advertising of your choice printed directly on the keycards used by all conference attendees to access their hotel rooms.  We'll also throw in a 1/2 page ad space in the conference guide.
  • Networking Sponsor - $2,500 (SOLD OUT)
Together, we'll be taking advantage of our free night to let everyone get to know each other and network. Your sponsorship will help provide entertainment for the networking event. In addition, you will get a premium booth location as well as a complimentary full-page add in the conference guidebook.
  •  Breakfast Sponsor - $1,500 (1 available)

Your breakfast sponsorship will help provide bacon and eggs for our owners throughout the event. Other than an open bar, there is nothing they desire more than BACON! This is your chance to be the hero and help them avoid another continental breakfast. Your sponsorship will be recognized through event signage as well as recognition in our expo guide. You will also get an opportunity to address and provide a short presentation to the group during your sponsored breakfast.

  • Snack/Break Sponsor - $1,000 (2 available)
Keep everyone well fed in between meals. Your sponsorship will be recognized through event signage as well as recognition in our expo guide. 

  •  Trade Show Bar Sponsor - $1,500 (2 available)

If there is one thing our group likes to do, it is have fun! What is more fun than enjoying something from a hosted bar? Take this opportunity to sponsor a bar and receive extra recognition through bar signage as well as listings in our expo guide as the host for each bar.

  •   Trade Show Totes - $1,000 (SOLD OUT)

Be seen all over the trade show floor and even after! This opportunity will feature your company’s logo on reusable bags that the owners take home with them. You never know where your company might go with this! 

This is a trade show you won't want to miss!

Upon successful registration and payment, additional information will be sent including shipping and booth selection information.

Floor Plan / Booth Availability

The floor plan for the event will be available shortly.  Booth selection will be made in the order of registration.

Floor plan is subject to changes, so please provide backup options.


Please select the booths according to your registration.


Cancellation Policy

Between 180 and 150 days - forfeit 20% of your booth payment

Between 150 and 161 days - forfeit 50% of your booth payment

60 days or after - forfeit 100% of your booth payment