Monday, November 16th, 10:00 - noon followed by an optional one hour networking opportunity

Tuesday, November 17th, 10:00 - noon

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Agenda for Monday, November 16th

The Summit will open at 9:50
Join us a little early to check sound/mic

10:00 AM: Opening Plenary
Welcome, Keynote Interview/Plenary Session

5 Minute break/transition time

Day 1 Breakout Sessions

Day 1 Wrap-up

Noon: Informal Networking   

Agenda for Tuesday, November 17th

Day 2 will open at 9:50
Join us a little early to check sound/mic

10:00 AM: Welcome

Day 2 Breakout Sessions

5 Minute break/transition time

Day 2 Plenary
Sharing gleanings from Breakout Sessions

Informal Discussion: Where do we go from here?

Economic Summit Wrap-up


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Jen Peters
Sunrise County Economic Council

Sunrise County Economic Council invites you to join us for conversations about Washington County's future

Summit Highlights: 

Keynote Interview with Larry Barker, President & CEO of Machias Savings Bank

“Larry Barker grew up in Down East Maine where his pivotal connection to Machias Savings Bank began with raking blueberries for the bank’s former CEO. He joined the150 year old community bank in 1991, became President in 2011, and CEO one year later.

Under his leadership, Machias Savings Bank has grown to be the fifth largest bank in Maine with a statewide footprint from Portland to Caribou. He has overseen its asset growth from just over $900 million to $1.8 billion, and shepherded a community commitment that gave over $800,000 and more than 12,000 employee volunteer hours to almost 700 Maine nonprofits, in 2019. In 2020, Machias Savings Bank was named fourth “Best Bank To Work For in the Nation”, ”Best Company To Work For in Maine”, and ”Best Bank in Maine”.

Larry has served on Boards of numerous organizations including the Sunrise County Economic Council, The Washington Hancock Community Agency, Washington Academy, and the Maine Bankers Association Executive Committee. He is currently a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council. Larry earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Maine at Machias and proudly resides in Washington County with his wife and five children."


Welcome & Interviewer Charles RudelitchExecutive Director, Sunrise County Economic Council 

Please use the information below to select your breakout sessions before you register.

Day 1 Sessions: 

1A. Heritage Preservation & Tourism in a Changing Landscape 

Travelers are rapidly shifting their vacation focus to outdoor recreation in more remote regions, and more Mainers are traveling within Maine.  Panelists will talk about what this looks like, and how the outdoor recreation industry in Washington County is poised to transition while preserving our Downeast values and quality of life.

Moderator: Crystal Hitchings, Community Infrastructure & Promotion Program Director, SCEC

1B. Entrepreneurship: Real Stories & Looking Ahead

Join a guided conversation with Washington County Entrepreneurs to hear their stories—learning about their experiences navigating the local business landscape and innovations and gaining their perspective on the future of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Moderator: Denise Cilley, Entrepreneurship Program Director, SCEC

1C. Healthcare: Effects of the Pandemic and Looking Forward 

A conversation exploring the impact of Covid-19 on Washington County's health and healthcare industry and what that could mean for the future.

Moderator: Katie Bragg, Procurement Counselor, Maine PTAC - SCEC 

Day 2 Sessions: 

2A. Coastal fishing’s past, present, and future in Washington County 

Please join us for a conversation about how fishing has changed in our county over the last several decades and what the future might look like.  We will explore how challenges posed by COVID, shifting markets, and a changing environment affect our communities’ fishing families.  We will also consider how current and future fishermen can adapt and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Moderator: Bob Wood, Downeast Fisheries Partnership Director, SCEC

2B. Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges with Remote Learning 

Higher education leaders and students examine the role of remote learning in preparing the local workforce, evolving career pathways, and the future of higher education in Washington County.

Moderator: Marsha Sloan, Family Futures Downeast Director, SCEC

2C. New Mainers, New Neighbors: Building Community

 Join a guided conversation about attracting people to Washington County. The county needs workforce, small businesses, and more families. How can we build welcoming communities? Has the pandemic changed this issue?

Moderator: Gabriela Montoya-Eyerman, Finance Director, SCEC