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Kim Davis 
KD Consulting LLC 

   Thursday, November 19

 How to sell during the plague: Facing the challenges of the new normal in selling your products or services.

Richard Plinke is an author and business consultant. In 2010, he founded How To Sell The Plague, LLC, a sales development company. Since then, he has written three critically acclaimed books on salesFrom the Jaws of the Dragon: Sales Tales and Other Marginally Related Stuff, More Droppings from the Dragon: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Sales and Dancing in the Cave of the Dragon: Adventures in the Wonderland of Sales, plus numerous articles and columns.

His honest and sincere style so moved Rob Slaven (an Amazon Top 50 Reviewer) to write: “If the world lived by Plinke’s guidance we’d all be quite a bit happier. And get along a whole lot better as well.”