February 12-14, 2021


$700 per Student - $150 deposit at time of registration.

PayPal & Debit/Credit cards accepted with online registration.

Private Residence

3188 Viggo Rd, Beeville, TX 78102


There will be stalls available at $20 a night. Savings will not be allowed if the temporary stalls are set up in the arena (location to be determined). The dirt will be worked and soft so, bedding would not be needed. All hauled in horses must provide a current coggins.

The two local airports are San Antonio and Corpus Christi (relatively the same distance to each). There are several hotels around the area:

Hampton Inn Beeville - 301 S Hall St, Beeville, TX 78102 (361) 362-2100

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Beeville - 2199 US-59, Beeville, TX 78102 (361) 358-7300

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Beeville - 2062 US-59 E, Beeville, TX 78102 (361) 362-2222

What to Bring Each Day
  • Water
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Lunch

Rebecca Ann Rothlisberger
Layla Harris


Holistic Horseworks Presents

Level 2 - Advanced Applied Kinesiology & Cranial Sacral Unwinding Clinic
with Layla Harris

February 12-14
Beeville, Texas
United States

Cost is $700
(Completion of Level 1 is required)


Now that the horse’s body has been unwound and rebalanced from the Level 1 work, the next step is to bring it back to proper form and function and 100% health and vitality.

In this 3-day intensive hands-on class we go deeper into the body to release the inner core muscles and Fascia. Fascia releasing helps organs to relax and glide internally as they should and the acupressure meridians come back into balance.

Many horses with Uveitis, Kissing Spine, Wobblers syndrome, and String-halt have had their lives saved or wholly altered.  You will learn the methods to return horses labeled ‘unfixable’ to healthy, sound lives as well as longevity.

Cranial bones are released and unwinded on the horses as well as the students, to feel in their body what we are giving to the beloved Equines.

You'll Learn...

  • Releasing the fascia helps the organs to relax and glide internally as they should and helps the acupressure meridians come back into balance.
  • The advanced muscle testing kinesiology determines precisely what areas of the body need to heal, for what duration, and tells what else the horse's body needs to return to whole health and wellness.
  • Releasing of the stuck energy of the cranial bones.  Students receive and give a cranial unwinding session to feel in their own body what we are providing to our beloved equines.
  • You will learn how to assess what is really affecting the horse like viral or bacterial issues and what the body needs to heal itself.
  • Horses that are base narrow in the front or tight groin presenting ‘cow-hocked’ leave with a larger expanse between their legs and fluid movement in their gait.


Total cost of course is $700. $150 due at registration remaining $550 due 30-days before class to instructor.

Level 2 is not offered to auditors.

PayPal & Debit / Credit cards accepted with online registration.

 Terms and conditions: Balance of class fee is to be paid to the instructor no later than 30 days prior to the class start date. If you need to reschedule A two-week notice must be given so that we have time to fill your spot as pre studying is necessary for any students. No refunds are given on deposits as digital study materials have already been sent to you, you will have a future credit instead.