Your participation as a dues paying member supports activities of the Association, which produce positive results including:
  • The expansion of CSFP to all 50 States, 5 ITOs, D.C., and Puerto Rico
  • Technical assistance to new organizations
  • Maintaining positive relations with national partners including USDA, FRAC, Feeding America and AARP
  • Supporting a Washington, DC based National CSFP Association consultant to Capital Hill
  • Continuing to make improvements to the national profile of the CSFP food package
  • Supporting the advocacy efforts of the NCSFPA Association Education/Public Policy committee
  • Providing a collective voice for policy and funding needs on a national level
  • Continued collaboration though webinars on topics suggested and hosted by members

Members also receive a discount on registration fees for the annual conference.

This is a partial list of NCSFPA accomplishments and member benefits. Membership remains an outstanding value and important investment!


2021 Membership Dues 

Membership in the National CSFP Association is open to State Agencies, local Agencies and subcontractors receiving funding to provide CSFP services. 2021 Membership is valid from the date you pay your dues through December 31, 2021.

Only one membership is required per agency.

Associate Membership is open to individuals and organizations which support the CSFP goals and objectives but are not eligible for general membership. Associate Members shall not have voting rights nor seek membership on the Board of Directors. However, they may serve on a board committee. Associate Memberships will receive all publications of the Association.