I Am Abel Foundation's Annual Christmas Party and Small Group Learning Kickoff 

Plus Gift Giveaways! 

Party, Teach and Celebrate With Us Online!

     It's A ZOOM CHRISTMAS!                        

Saturday, Dec!ember 19, 2020 from 11:30 AM - 4:30 PM 

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Big Thanks To Santa's Helpers & Gift Captains


I Am Abel Foundation is excited to share a gift especially designed for our students and wrapped with love and care by Dr. Conway's 90 year old mother affectionately known as "Grandma Tibbs."  A big thanks to all of Santa's Helpers - our Gift Giving Captain for distributing Christmas gifts to all of our mentees that register for the festivities.  


Dr.LaMenta  Sweetie Conway

Founder and Executive Director 

Student Mentee, Marisa Arakawa

Trena Burke, Board Member

Dr. Audrey Tanksley, Physician Mentor  Director, Physical Exam Curriculum


Christian Conway, Esq, Board Member



Our First Ever I Am Abel Foundation Student Auxilliary Board Members

Meet Our Co-Chairs At The Party!


Saturday Morning Professor

Saturday, December 19th, 2020


Calling All Physicians and Medical Students! Want to make a difference this holiday season?  Join us for a wonderful time at our annual Christmas party and last Saturday Morning Professor of the calendar year.  If you are a physician or medical student mentor that would love to get more involved with our students, our upcoming Saturday Morning Professor is the event to attend.  This is also a great opportunity for our newest mentors to get involved as some have not yet been assigned a mentee this cycle because you may have joined after our June Mentee Mentor Match Day.  There is always a mentoring role for you and we want to extend this opportunity for you to get more involved. Our upcoming December session will feature our Annual Christmas Party and Small Group Learning Kickoff. 

Our Small Group Learning Sessions are especially for our students in the "Intro to History Taking and the Patient" Curriculum. Our small group sessions will help students to practice and fine tune skills learned so far throughout the year. 

Please set aside your favorite meal or snack and join us in the zoom room for games, prizes and more. You are also invited to share words of encouragement to keep our students motivated! The zoom link with instructions will be in your confirmation email. Also, students will open up their Christmas gifts together as a family thanks to Santa's Helpers who will deliver them before we meet that Saturday.  Small Group Learning Kickoff Sessions will begin immediately following our Christmas festivities. 

The schedule is as follows:

                         Christmas Party - 11:30am - 1pm                             Enjoy games of challenge and skill, gift giving and messages of cheer

Small Group Learning 

 Meet The Patient -  1pm - 2:45pm

Short Break - 2:45pm - 3pm

Biostats and Journal Club - 3pm - 4:30pm

Following the Christmas Party, Our Gastroenterology Students will follow the advanced track schedule. We will also announce our new Student Advisory Board Members as we celebrate their leadership!



I Am Abel Foundation is looking to add Small Group Learning (SGL) to our INTRO TO HISTORY TAKING AND THE PATIENT curriculum, beginning June 2021 but would like to pilot the program at our December session. We have chosen December as it is the perfect time to slow down our learning and test our students abilities to put together all they have learned.  It is an awesome time to review and practice the skills they have learned in a small group environment where they can get more attention.  In order to do this, however, we need our physician and area medical student mentors to facilitate these small groups which we believe will be a fun and rewarding use of your most valuable time. The instructions will be straightforward and provided in advance of your session.  Assuming December is successful, we will repeat small groups learning again in February.  This will allow us to learn how best to roll out small group learning as a part of our regular curriculum beginning June 2021.  Physician and Medical Student Mentors and Volunteers are asked to choose one or both sessions to facilitate for the December SGL Sessions.


Over the course of the mentee's first year, they learn how to take a detailed patient history through clinical case based learning. They are responsible for Chief Complaint through Review of Systems. The focus in always on "pain." They use SOCRATES mnemonic to learn how to ask focused questions to build their interviewing skills.  The year ends with our own "OSCE" called the Mock Clinical History Taking Competition.  Building this skillset is not only fun for students but it teaches them the "language of medicine" while building competencies and confidence relative to history taking and write-ups.  Mentees learn the language of medicine which allows them to become more comfortable while they shadow and during clinical internship experiences. More importantly, our students develop a clinical acumen that is critically needed for for 1st generation students that don't have the advantage of legacy. For the December SGL session, students will interview the "Mock Patient" (facilitator) and will then complete and submit their detailed write up once done. The facilitator will review write-ups on conclusion. These sessions can even have two facilitators - one to serve as Mock Patient while the other facilitator directs learning

Who Can Facilitate: You Must be an M.D. or 3rd-4th year Medical Student that has completed the Internal Medicine rotation

How will it work: All SGL facilitators will be given a standard case in advanced of the session with instructions. Students will take turns interviewing the mock patient. Their collective responses will equal the interview that each are responsible for writing up. Once completed they will submit their write-up for review.  They may also present it to the small group to critique and learn from it.  It's honestly one of the high points of each Saturday Morning Professor session. The Intro to History Taking and the Patient Series is lead by Dr. Conway and Co-directed by Dr. Rene Roberts



Biostats and Journal Club is lead by Dr. Rishi Agrawal.  Our young students have been learning concepts like sensitivity and specificity, Relative Risk vs. Odds ratio and how to approach reading and critiquing journal articles.  It was a wonderful learning leap for our students and provided an incredible opportunity to learn these valuable skills early on.  A number of our students, however, need practice to make sure that concepts have become knowledge.  Facilitators will help students complete a problem set, providing the coaching/tutoring/support students need to master complex statistical concepts.  

Who Can Facilitate: Any Med Student, M.D., MPH, Epi/Bio Professional Student with strong Epi/Biostat skills

How will it work: Facilitators will help students work through a practice problem set provided by their instructor (Sens/Spec, +PPV/-PPV, Odds Ratio, etc..).  Students who struggle with some of the math can get personalized attention within the small group.  This is ideal for Medical students and MPH students with ready memory of these skills


LaMenta Sweetie Conway, MD, MPH
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