When does it Launch?

Monday, February 1, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST
Monday, May 31, 2021 at 1:00 PM EDT

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This is an online event. 
 You can participate in this from anywhere in the world! 



Michael Lyons 
Michael Lyons Horsemanship 



The Horsemanship Challenge 2021 


Riding consistently can be a challenge we all face. So we created a challenge that will help produce motivation, guidance and a little friendly competition to help us all knock out our goals with our horse for 2021.

The Horsemanship Challenge is a 4 month challenge to ride/work with your horse for a total of 60 sessions or more!

Those of you who hit this mark will be entered to win prizes worth over $6,000 AND COUNTING! There are LOTS of prizes to be won, and several opportunities to do so.

You can do this from any part of world. It MUST be on your horse, or a regular horse you lease/ride. For us trainers, clients horses do NOT count. 

This challenge is completely FREE!


Guidelines to enter: 

You must be willing to attempt the 60 sessions over the course of 4 months. 

Start date is February, 2021 

A session can be defined as any ground work or riding session that consist of 20 minutes or more. 

Clients horses DO NOT count. This is for your personal horses or horses that you consistenly ride for yourself such as a lease horse. 

We have an APP called EquiLab that we will be using. You can find more information on this app, and how to use it in the Horsemanship Challenge Facebook group under the Units section. You will be able to share your ride information with Michael Lyons Horsemanship so that we can keep up with our challengers and how you are doing. 

Participating in this is COMPLETLEY FREE! 

The Challenge will end May 31st. 



How do you WIN? 

Everyone who hits the mark of 60 sessions will be entered to win any of our prizes being offered. As of right now we have over $6000 worth and it is still growing! Everything from tack, clinic spaces, a TRIP TO WYOMING, and all sorts of fun Horse & Rider Goodies! More information on prizes announced soon. Everyone who enters in and meets the goal will have their name entered into the drawing 1 time.