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Ayaat Qur'an Program - Semester B 2020/ 2021 



Please use this link to register NEW STUDENTS in Ayaat Foundation's Qur'an Program! (No registration needed for CURRENT STUDENTS)


CLICK HERE for more information about our programs 


Semester B classes will be running ONLINE until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted (except some classes in Palestine House and Towfiq Islamic Centre). Classes in all locations will resume in-person AFTER THE LOCKDOWN. Hence, Please register for the LOCATION YOU WISH TO RESUME YOUR CLASSES IN after the lockdown ends.

CLICK HERE for more information about our locations*


How our Registration System works:

Step 1: Students register online

Step 2: Students are contacted by an Ayaat Foundation representantive to book an assessment

Step 3: Our staff forms a Halaqa with other students if applicable

Step 4: Students are contacted by their teacher and start attending classes

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