Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 5:00 PM MST
Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 3:00 PM MST

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Ruth Godfrey 
Suzuki Association of Utah 

SAU All Virtual 2021 Parent Teacher Convention 

Featuring dynamic teacher and popular clinician Michele Horner, author of the groundbreaking book, "Life Lens: Seeing Your Children in Color" this annual SAU event is valuable for all for parents, teachers and students!  After registration you will receive instructions on how to prepare your Zoom account for the Convention.  The links to the precorded sessions will also be sent; these will work just after the live sessions end.  

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*Sessions recorded in Zoom and shared post Convention

Thursday February 4th at 5pm MST  Interactive Journey Through Art and Music.  This is a one hour session with students from SAU participating live with Michele Horner on Zoom.  For SAU Michele will cover the Renaissance through Romantic periods of Western Art and Music in a fun and engaging workshop.  Students make connections between visual art and music, blended with movement and innovative activities.  Don't miss this unique experience!!  You will beg for more!!

Friday February 5th at 2pm and 3pm MST  Guitar Master Classes with Michele Horner.  Michele will teach 6 of our SAU Guitar students online.  Watch as she utilizes principles from her groundbreaking book Life Lens: Seeing Your Children in Color.  All registrants are welcome to observe these classes.  

Friday February 5th at 4:30-6pm MST  Teacher Lecture (parents are welcome to attend!) Using Life Lens Principles for Successful Online Teaching.  The Life Lens method analyzes each individual through the power of observation.  Teachers will be guided to think about each of their students in terms of the child's best learning style, thinking process, pace preference, relationship to time, and what motivates he or she the most.  Michele will help teachers apply these skills within the limits of current online instruction.  

Saturday February 6 at 9am-10:30 MST  Keynote Address by Michele Horner.  Introducing Life Lens: Seeing Your Children in Color.  Learn a trailblazing model that will identify your children's unique learning needs and make your teaching and parenting a whole lot more fun!  Far from typecasting, the foundation of the Life Lens method is respectful recognition of individuals' hardwired differences and learning how to meet those differences where they are most ready to learn.  

Live Zoom Sessions on Saturday February 6 at 10:30am

Michele Horner: Life Lens--The Dark SideThis class will identify the dark side of each Life Lens color profile and give one specific key for that Life Lens to stay in the light!  Deepen your understanding of these principles to increase your skill in teaching and parenting.

Molly Gebrian: The Secret to Learning Music Faster--Take More Breaks.   Back by popular demand is our guest clinician from 2019, Dr. Molly Gebrian!  Musicians are always looking for a magic bullet that will help them learn music faster, retain more between practice sessions, and help them feel confident in their performing abilities.  Paradoxically, if any magic bullet exists, it is that taking time off from practicing a particular passage (hours, days and even weeks) can actually speed up the learning process!  This has been known to scientists who study learning since the late 1880s, but has not made it into the public awareness, especially among musicians wh are taught that more is always better and days off should rarely happen.  This presentation will look at the science behind this surprising phenomenon and will give practical suggestions for how to use this information effectively.   

11:30am Live Zoom Sessions on Saturday February 6 

Michele Horner: Life Lens--Language for Motivation. This class will give specific strategies for each Life Lens, providing keys for growth and productivity.  Maximize your skills with Life Lens teaching and parenting by absorbing this additional information from Ms. Horner.  Help your children to thrive!

*Alison West: How to Create the Best Videos of Your Children. Create a fun music video of your student's masterpiece--here's how!  Parents: you will learn how to create a more exciting recording of your child's performing piece using free video editing software that you can share on YouTube, other social media, and with family and friends.  Teachers: you will learn how to produce and host a virtual recital with professional music videos of your students!  Alison will show us all we need to know to become successful Suzuki music producers.

1pm Live Zoom Sessions on Saturday February 6

Michele Horner: Life Lens SynergyThis class will cover which Life Lenses work well together and why.  Case studies will be presented from history, sports and business.  Learn more about the people in all the circles of your life.  Improve teamwork and collaboration to everyone's satisfaction!

*Alicia Derr: Teachers Going Digital--Tips and Tricks for Your Online ApproachAlicia will offer many ideas and suggestions for teaching effectively, remotely.  Both Apple and Android platforms will be considered.  Learn how to use screensharing and other tools on Zoom.  The staffpad notation app and other related software will be presented. Learn how your students can enjoy creating their own musical compositions!  Discover how to save and organize digital music on a tablet.  Find orchestral accompaniments, theory helps and more!  

2pm Live Sessions on Saturday February 6

Michele Horner: Life Lens of Communities.  Knowing the Life Lens of your institution and town enables you to use the best practices for outreach.  In this session Michele will discuss the Life Lens of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, enabling members of our community to understand which avenues to take when seeking financial, in kind, and civil support for our Suzuki concerts and activities.  

*Dr. Craig Spiel: Understanding and Helping Music Students With Anxiety.  It is normal for students to feel anxious at times, particularly when performing for an audience, but how do you help students whose anxiety gets in the way of progressing and achieving their goals?  Understanding the causes of anxiety can be invaluable.  In this presentation, we will discuss 1) what anxiety is and how it impacts the body, 2) how parents and teachers can build their toolkits to help students decrease anxiety, and 3) how to help motivate students to approach performance situations that cause anxiety.  

Prerecorded Presentations Available Immediately Following the Live Zoom Sessions

Dr. Nicole Brady: The Parent as Translator.  Dr. Brady will take a focused look at the unique and vital role of "parent" in the Suzuki Triangle.  As the primary teacher in the home, parents form an integral role in the musical development of the child.  They must carefully listen to both the teacher and child, and then speak the child's "language" in order to make practice and music study more effective and progress more permanent.

Brittany Gardner: Tantrums Hold Important Information for You (And Other Inconvenient Truths) Moments of high emotion can be hard on relationships, but they are also opportunities for deep connection.  Learn about the magic of the tantrum, what it means for you and your child, and how to use that energy to build up rather than destroy your relationship with your children.

Jesse Massey: Passive Income for Suzuki Teachers In this session, violinist and digital entrepreneur Jesse Massey will take teachers through the pros of creating a digital course as well as shed light on the benefits and possibilities around creating multiple streams of income as a Suzuki teacher.  

Kelly McConkie Stewart: The Power of a Streak.  This presentation will explore ideas for creating a sustainable practice streak.  How can I help myself and my child create an environment where practice happens regularly and "easily?"  

Kelly McConkie Stewart: Matchmaker Matchmaker  Looking to find a teacher or ready for the next teacher?  This session will explore how to make the important match between student and teacher.  We will identify the things that teachers are looking for as they set up studios and help you create a clear vision for what you are hoping for your growing musician.  

The prerecorded sessions as well as the *live sessions above will be shared within 24 hours of the last live Zoom presentation.  WAIT, THERE IS MORE!!