This is on Online Video-Based Course for January 2021
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*Participants will need to have access to the internet and a video-based app on your own device.



Randall Floyd 
Grey Stone Church; Durham NC 

Dx2: MY ONE WORD in 2021

with Mike Ashcroft

A 3-Session Online Discipleship Course

Jesus encourages us in Matthew 18:20 with these words: "For where two or three gather in My name, there I am with them."

The Grey Stone Education Ministry has compiled several short-term Distance-Discipleship (Dx2) courses with 2-3 brief sessions on a variety of topics for your spiritual growth during this season of social-distancing. We will bring you some fantastic Teachers and Leaders to help engage you on your journey of faith...even at a distance.

This course includes three (online) sessions with Mike Ashcroft ***Participants must register to receive access and resources for the online study.

Our hope is that two or three will gather in two or three brief sessions for each course. And Jesus promises to be right here with us!

Ready? .....Let's go!

About this Course:

My One Word Discipleship Study

A new year brings new "resolutions.'" But the problem is we rarely follow through on them. “My One Word” is an experiment designed to move you from resolutions to focus by picking ONE WORD. Find out more at

Mike Ashcroft has been challenging his church members to focus on one way that they would like to grow through the course of the year, and it has come with amazing results. Now he brings that same challenge to you in One Word, a 3-session, video-based study. This year, lose the long list of resolutions and find lasting change by spending an entire year focusing on just one thing that you most hope God will do in you.

Find the three online videos here:

How does this work?

It’s okay to want to be a better you, and the New Year is a natural time to start. The question is, how? My One Word replaces broken promises with a vision for real change. When you choose a single word, you have a clarity and focus. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past.

A Simple Process...So how do you go about picking a word?

We’ve listed out a few steps to help you get started!

  1. Determine the kind of person you want to become

 The first step is to simply take some time and decide what kind of person you want to be at the end of this year. This goes beyond simply being healthier and wealthier, but it must drive deep into your soul. What about the condition of your heart? What about the person that God Himself has created you to be?

 2. Identify the characteristics of that person

 Get a picture of that person and then simply identify their major characteristics. Is that person gentle? Is that person generous? What are the qualities of the person you want to become?

 3. Pick a word

 Once you have a list of the characteristics, simply pick a word. There might be fifteen things that you want to change, but you must resist the temptation to promise you will do them all. Instead, simply commit to ONE WORD.

This will provide you with a lens to see the changes you need to make as well as a way to determine whether or not change is actually happening. Understand that this process is hard, but staying focused on your word will help you to struggle in the right direction so that you can actually see God working in your life.