Thursday, January 7, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM PST
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Deb Alcadinho, CEO & Founder 
Westshore Women's Business Network 

WWBN Jan 7 - Are you showing up as a leader in your life? Why does it matter?
with WWBN member Heather Beaton. 
AND Connect & Educate Networking

Our agenda will begin by Rich Networking outlined below. Followed by our keynote from Heather Beaton. 

Are you showing up as leader in your life? Why does it matter? 
WWBN Member Heather Beaton is passionate about women and leadership. Why? Because women lead in all aspects of their lives - leaders at home with our families, at schools where we volunteer, at the soccer field or the hockey rink where our kids play, in boardrooms, and where we run successful businesses. We often don’t think of ourselves as leaders in all aspects of our lives – but imagine the social fabric of society if we stopped showing up as leaders with our children, our families and in our work environments? I shudder to think!

”How we show up anywhere is how we show up in most places in our lives”. Here many of us have blind spots, meaning we can’t see where our beliefs hold us back from leading more impactfully. Take conflict as an example. When our relationship with conflict is one of discomfort and fear, we will not lead effectively in the face of conflict. We will be inclined to withdraw, to shrink, to hold back, or to fight, become aggressive. A person’s relationship with conflict will show up in all aspects of their leadership…remember how we show up anywhere is how we show up in most places. 

Heather has always been a leader, but did not always understand what kept her from playing full out on the court as opposed to sitting in the stands observing life. Todayshe does, and that’s how she serves women to play full out in their own lives. 
In this session you’ll discover:
  • The impact of leading from authority versus leading from humanity 
  • Why authentic leadership can be messy
  • Why perfectionism keeps you from living & leading full out
  • What it means to fall from integrity grace 
On January 7th, 2021 Heather will share her journey in leadership including some of the good, the bad and the ugly and why she is so passionate about supporting women to differentiate between how they are showing up in their leadership and what they do as leaders.As a young leader in the sport of figure skating, to leading in the corporate environment, to now running her own coaching & consulting business, Heather’s focus is to help women shine the light within and from here discover the gifts they haven’t yet shared with the world. 
In rounds of timed intervals, participants will have 5 minutes to answer the following: 
1. Your name and your business name.
2. What's ONE of your business goals for this year?
3. What do you love about your business?
4. Who are good referral partners for you?
This new format helps us connect on a richer level and learn more about each other and our business. 
Nominal fee: Guest $20 | Member $10 


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