Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM PST
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Deb Alcadinho, CEO & Founder 
Westshore Women's Business Network 

WWBN Jan 21 - Level Up Your Digital Marketing w/Nikki Thibodeau, Shopify
AND Connect & Educate Networking

Our agenda will begin with rich networking outlined below, followed by a  presentation from Nikki Thibodeau. 

Level Up Your Digital Marketing with Nikki Thibodeau, Shopify
Make sure you've got your notebook ready for Nikki's teachings and takeaways: 
- Have a plan for your content marketing strategy (and she'll touch on what type of content to post, how to source and find it)
- Target audience (how to define your target audience)
- Marketing funnel overview
- What sets you apart from your competition (unique value proposition)
Nikki is a passionate individual, and loves pairing up with entrepreneurs to help them identify and remove roadblocks. She is currently working as the Shopify Local Lead, leading a global team of community managers who deliver free digital resources to help entrepreneurs to level up. Her favorite things to talk about are your business, digital marketing, and how dogs are the greatest gift to mankind.
In rounds of timed intervals, participants will have 5 minutes to answer the following: 
1. Your name and your business name.
2. What's ONE of your business goals for this year?
3. What do you love about your business?
4. Who are good referral partners for you?
This new format helps us connect on a richer level and learn more about each other and our business. 
Nominal fee: Guest $20 | Member $10 


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