VIRTUAL TRAINER PROGRAM     How to Design + Deliver Stellar Virtual Training      

MAR 29 + 30 + 31, 2021 @ 2:00pm - 5:00pm ET  |  Applied Workshop

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"The Virtual Trainer Program changed the way I strategized and implemented virtual training. Elisabeth not only provides insight, guidance, and templates such as the 4-step training map and run sheet but she also uncovers the little details - lighting, camera angles, how to handle lighting when wearing glasses, asking everyone to stand up and stretch their legs - that help make virtual training more presentable, more consumable, and a lot more fun."
-- Sarah Kellerman, MS | SPC5 | CCMP | ICP-ACC | PLC | PMP, Agile Coach & Trainer 
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WHAT ARE 'L.I.V.E. Learning Sessions'?

All of our Virtually Excellent trainings are built on a foundation of brain-based, accelerated teaching strategies that promote interaction, personalization and application so your team can immediately, consistently and sustainably implement the lessons in their work. L.I.V.E Learning Session are:

  • Live-delivered by an experienced facilitator
  • Interactive so each learner can get what they need
  • Virtually-facilitated for convenience and flexibiity
  • Experiential so learners try, personalize, apply lessons

Technology can get in the way of connection and learning. Virtually Excellent deploys powerful, minimal technology to create a connected, interactive, applied experience.


$750 per person. Register & pay by MAR 24.

$100 off by MAR 12. code: EARLYBIRD
$150 off per for 6+. code: GROUP6


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Your Trainer - Elisabeth Sanders-Park

Elisabeth is the President of WorkNet Solutions, co-author of 'No One Is Unemployable' and 'The 6 Reasons You'll Get the Job', and a celebrated 'tough career transitions' expert. Over the last 15+years she has trained and coached 30,000+ practitioners across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia.

Elisabeth Sanders-Park, President, WorkNet Solutions,

Virtual training can offer an amazing learning experience... if it's done well! Great virtual training includes strong content, excellent training foundations and techniques, and technology that supports (rather than disrupts!) the  connections and interaction. This 3-session series equips seasoned and new trainers to design, prepare for, and deliver stellar virtual training, and fast!

In each 3-hour L.I.V.E. Learning Session, participants learn powerful, practical, proven strategies that are easy-to-implement. Through interaction, examples, and modeling, participants build their confidence and competence as a virtual trainer. Plus! They get to apply the lessons to a topic of their choice so they can immediately and confidently train a wide array of learners on any topic... virtually.

Session 1: Training DESIGN                       FOCUS: Intro to our '6 Pillars for Virtual Excellence' with a deep dive into crafting great content, choosing technology, and integrating strategic interactions using a proven 4-step map and 6 powerful techniques to design engaging, brain-based virtual training on any topic for any audience. Participants will begin to build a training.

Session 2: Training DELIVERY                      FOCUS: Mobilizing the 6 pillars to prepare training space, cultivate powerful personal presence, and curate the active behavior that will engage your audience, bring your content to life and set your virtual training apart from the others! Participants will apply the new lessons as they continue to build a training to present in session 3.

Session 3: Training Production+LAB FOCUS: Exploring the tech tools that make for great virtual training -- breakout groups, screenshare, crowd-sourced docs, etc. -- plus Q&A and a learning LAB where participants present the training they have built and get/give feedback to learn more and increase their confidence and competence as a virtual trainer.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Map-out virtual trainings with a simple, proven 4-step process so participants are engaged, learn, apply, and take the lessons with them. 
  • Regularly use 6 powerful techniques to keep virtual trainings interactive and effective. 
  • Apply the 4-steps and 6 techniques to any training they have ever delivered to make them better, live or virtually.
  • Use our "6 Pillars of Virtual Excellence" to develop the presence and behaviors to help them shine in a virtual environment.
  • Plan and set-up the technology for a virtual training via Zoom.
  • Deliver a 10-minute virtual training to the group.
  • Share how these lessons impact their process when designing a training from scratch.
  • Make a plan to improve their capacity, competence, and confidence as a virtual trainer.

What You Get

  • 9 hours of live, interactive training with an expert, fortified with slides for visual impact.
  • Interaction and a chance to learn from other participants.
  • Opportunities to try the strategies and apply the to your learners.
  • Robust downloadable handout to process and mobilize your learning, including our 6 Pillars of Virtual Excellence, a training development Q&A guide to capture the big picture, training development checklist to apply the V-Trainer lessons, a tech tip sheet, and more.
  • Chance to identify your key lessons and commitments and make a plan to cultivate these skills and implement their learning.
  • Certificate of completion.

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