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FEBRUARY 17 + 24 & MARCH 3 + 10 + 24

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> 15 hours of live, interactive training

> Robust workbook

> Field work for application

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> 10% off WorkNet tools for 1 year 

> Certificate of Completion

> Resource Pack:  

  • No One Is Unemployable (book)
  • The 6 Reasons You'll Get the Job (book)
  • How to Say the Hard Things (skill builder)
  • The Three Option Rule (skill builder)


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ELISABETH SANDERS-PARK     Author | Trainer | Speaker  

  • Author of "No One Is Unemployable" & "The 6 Reasons You'll Get the Job"
  • Nationally recognized 'tough career transitions' expert
  • President of WorkNet Solutions

Over the last 15+ years, Elisabeth has trained 30,000+ practitioners across the globe impacting the lives of more than 1 million job seekers.

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This 5-session course and the applied field work equips and inspires employment coaches to increase immediate and long-term outcomes for job seekers at all levels.

WHO PARTICIPATES? workforce development | career development | mental health services | education | corrections veterans services | addiction recovery | trade/tech training | housing/homeless services | youth services | voc rehab | staffing | more

DRIVE  Activating Personal Motivation so clients move themselves forward

  • A 7-step system to determine what an individual needs and help them begin a career 
  • A simple framework to understand human motivation and activate personal motivation so clients help drive the process and move themselves forward.
  • A practical approach to identify, de-mystify, discuss, and strategically reduce client fear.

DIRECTION  Designing Career Paths so their next job is a career move PROOF Unearthing Qualifications even if they have never done the job

  • How to quickly assess and combine the 3 key ingredients of a good job match.
  • A systematic means to exploring and choosing career goals, paths, and next steps.
  • A proven way to understand the employer mindset and the 6 reasons people get hired.
  • How to transfer qualifications from unpaid and non-employment sources and get employers to buy it.

PROOF + TOOLS  Promoting Qualifications so employers see their value

  • 4 ways to prove a client has the qualifications the employer needs.
  • Tips for crafting modern job search marketing tools.

SOLUTIONS  Overcoming Barriers so they avoid getting screened out

  • A framework for understanding the 6 reasons people DON'T get hired.
  • How to address difficukt issues with clients in a respectful, effective way.
  • 6 proven tools to overcome any barrier -- crafting good answers, adjusting client and employer outlooks, and more.

STRATEGY  Crafting Individualized JS Strategies so they get hired fast

  • 5 ways candidates can market themselves.
  • Crafting individual strategies to highlight qualifications, minimize barriers, and cut search time. 
  • Accessing the hidden job market.
  • Side doors to decision makers and 4 keys to opening them.
  • Troubleshooting an active job search.