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This is an online event. 



Susan Romanov, Founder 

A Women's Express Concealed Handgun Carry Permit Course 2021   Only a $28 Donation to SFWA


SFWA's Online Concealed Only TN Carry Permit Course is easy to navigate and read for beginners as well as those more experienced with a handgun. You will take short quizzes along the way to assure that you know the answers required to pass the course. No worries, we make it enjoyable so that the course time goes by quickly and upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion via email!

This online course does not require you to go to a range and qualify with a handgun to be issued the Certificate of Completion. This is strictly an online course. Be advised that completion of this course will result in you being able to apply for a permit to carry a handgun CONCEALED ONLY. 

You can grab a cup of java (or another favorite beverage) and relax as you complete the course without any stress along the way. You will know the steps to finish making your application to the state, with your Certificate of Completion in hand, and the information the state requires you to understand to carry a handgun with a concealed only carry permit which includes:

•  The current Tennessee Law and other requisite subjects associated with handgun safety practices and procedures

•  The safe cleaning, storage, use of handguns 

•  Marksmanship basics, and

•  Considerations for selection of the best gear and gun to carry for personal protection

Plus, upon completion of the course you will also receive a FREE copy of . . . 
A $9.95 value that will help you select the best handguns and gear for women featuring the winners of LADIES CHOICE Awards!

You have selected the best course designed for women with inspirational segments each step of the way! Best of all, by selecting this online course you are helping Shooting for Women Alliance (SFWA) to continue to offer empowering personal protection opportunities for women and the men they bring with them nationwide!

See you during the course,