Friday, February 12, 2021 at 10:00 AM CST
Friday, April 23, 2021 at 12:00 PM CDT

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Karen Starz, President Houston NVC 
HoustonNVC, a nonprofit 

NVC Mediation Practice Group

You’ve got the skills, you’ve taken the courses, and have loads of information - it’s time to practice.

We will provide a place to work out life’s dramas, conflicts over right and wrong, and long-standing arguments in this live Mediation Practice Group.

Facilitated by 2 CNVC Certified Trainers in a trusting environment, everyone will get their turn to practice NVC-style guided conversation and mediation.

You’re eligible for the practice group if any of the following apply:

  • If you’ve taken our Mediation course OR 
  • If you have at least 10 hours of NVC Mediation OR 
  • If you have other experience that would lend to this practice, please get in touch directly with Trainer Karen Starz to discuss the possibility of attending


For six sessions over 12 weeks, we will practice mediation in community from the perspective of a Nonviolent Communication consciousness. Guiding us through this journey are two CNVC Certified Trainers, Michael Dillo and Karen Starz, who have a passion to connect people in a human way so that they can enjoy contributing to each other's wellbeing.

In this process, when connection is valued rather than details, solutions tend to come easily. Practice connecting using observations, feelings, needs, and (doable) requests. Experience how connection is always available and accessible with patience.

Come with an open mind and a willingness to share and practice. We will be using real-life experiences as role-play.


Michael Dillo, Assessor and CNVC Certified Trainer

Michael in his "first" life was a professor for civil engineering. In his PhD thesis he specialized in underground constructions and tunneling in rock, what paved his way from his home country Germany to Switzerland in the early 1990’s. As much as he enjoyed living in this beautiful country, he started to feel increasingly dissatisfied with his job as an engineer and was disheartened dealing with technical questions all day. He struggled with with fear of change and a lot of messages like: I "have” to pay for my family, I "have” to finance my house, my insurances, my car, the vacation…

In 1997 he was inspired to attend a workshop with Marshall B. Rosenberg to find some answers to his questions and fears. During the first three day-seminar, he received some fundamental life-changing answers. However, it took him quite a while to understand the difference between intellectually understanding NVC and internalizing it. For many years he began to connect with feelings and needs as he had never done in life before – he began to empathize with himself and others.

In 2002 trust in himself had grown so much that he was able to quit his engineering profession without feelings of fear or guilt. Again and again, he was fascinated by and grateful for the experience that things, people, inspiration, and even money come "by chance“. He has been a CNVC Certified Trainer since 2004 and started to work worldwide. In 2013 he was asked to join the CNVC Assessors Team of the German-speaking part of Switzerland and the CALF Team in the USA. He is passionate about supporting certification candidates on their path to deeply integrating NVC while heading for certification.

See more at www.frei-raeume.ch


Karen Starz
Karen Starz MA, MAEC, and CNVC Certified Trainer

Karen is a consultant, coach, speaker, and facilitator. The connection with Marshall Rosenberg’s work and NVC came naturally and peaked further, ongoing exploration into the foundations of NVC. Her background spans many areas, from interpersonal relationships, to businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. Other services she provides include mediation, conflict resolution, and curriculum writing. Her approach to NVC is based on embodying the whole of nonviolent consciousness to create an automatic, empathic, somatic response and awareness. Karen aims to bring social change through learning, and is particularly interested in the spiritual connection that NVC fosters. One way she embodies this aim by contributing as President of Houston NVC.

See more at www.karenstarz.com


We will be meeting every other Friday starting February 12th through April 23rd from 10 am - 12 pm Central Time (US)/ 5-7 pm Central European Time.
Note: on March 26th the meeting time will be 4-6pm Central European Time because of Daylight Savings Time in the Central (US) Time zone. Subsequent meetings return to the 5-7 pm CET time. 

We are offering a sliding scale for this series.
$240 - The top price class ticket is the actual cost of the class. If you choose a ticket price below the top tier you are receiving a discount.

$180 - The middle price is for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income. Paying for this class may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create hardship.

$120 - The bottom price is for those who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for this class would be a hardship.

$300 - The Pay-It-Forward price is above the actual cost of the class and that extra money goes towards supporting scholarships for this class. It's an opportunity to take your class and support your fellow community members.

Please use this graphic if you need help to determine your scale.

We are committed to making our workshops accessible to all. To request a payment plan or support, email Karen Starz.