Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 11:30 AM PDT
Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 1:30 PM PDT

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Planned Giving Forum of Greater Sacramento
Raquel Altavilla

Virtual Fundraising Bootcamp

KDD Philanthropy is one of the few consulting firms that regularly builds practical exercises, real-life scenarios, and tailored discussions into trainings – allowing participants to take away practical, ready-to-implement tools for their work.

The Planned Giving Forum of Greater Sacramento will host four sessions in 2021 featuring KDD Philanthropy, Inc and their Fundraising Bootcamp.

Content will include pre-session exercises and reading to strengthen your experience. Whether you attend as an individual or as a team, be ready to enhance your skills and add new tools in to your advancement toolbox.

Session One: Understanding Trends and Building Confidence
Our profession has seen more change over the past months than it has over the past few decades. Ensuring that you and your team can keep up by adapting, innovating, and staying focused, is critical to your success. This session will begin with an honest assessment of the current landscape, enhance virtual ways to build relationships, and develop skill sets to navigate conversations.

Session Two: Qualification Essentials and the Use of Probing Questions
Too often development officers quote that an introductory meeting was “nice”, without analyzing whether a prospect’s capacity and inclination have been identified, and whether they’ve been moved towards a desired goal. This session identifies and builds the specific tools to leave every prospect meeting with clear next steps.

Simply visiting with a donor is not enough. Successful gift officers are curious, inquisitive, and able to ask probing questions in an authentic way that discovers the donor’s motivations and dreams, building a deeper relationship with them over time. This session will explore the use of probing questions, and how they support the relationship building process.

Session Three: Utilizing Transitions and Building Donor Understanding
Moving with ease through a donor conversation is a necessity for building the relationship toward greater generosity. This session focuses on conversational transitions to ensure conversations do not get “stuck” and includes:
• Specific language techniques
• Building transitions in to every element of a strategy
• Coaching others on the use of transitions

Understanding the motivations of donors and prospects is a critical skill for building relationships that lead to better donor engagement, generosity, and retention. Nuance and flexibility are essential to this skill, as every donor is different, and each of their motivations to invest in our institutions is unique. In this session, we will also explore a tool to strengthen donor understanding.

Session Four: Strengthening Your Virtual Ask
Virtual asks are here to stay. This session will assist fundraisers in strengthening the ask, provide tools to build confidence and provide exercises to ensure success in building to and making the ask. Making a compelling ask and closing a solicitation is a critical part of our work. Focused exclusively on the intricacies of making an effective ask, this discussion will cover: • Creating a cultivation process that naturally builds to a solicitation • Using a proposal or white paper during your solicitation process: pros and cons • Creating a conducive environment for a successful ask • Building a sense of urgency that facilitates closure

Speaker: Kathy Drucquer Duff
KDD Philanthropy was born out of a desire to work with the professionals who build a philanthropic society. This vision was driven by my belief that philanthropy is one of the strongest forces for good in our world, and I have seen first-hand that a skillful fundraising program inspires incred  ible generosity.

In my role as coach and consultant, I help organizations transform the way they practice philanthropy, grow talent, and approach the future growth of their organizations to inspire this generosity. Clients consistently cite my ability to quickly assess their landscape, identify needs, engage with staff at a variety of levels and functions, and provide tools to build the individual and the culture, as keys to their success.

The strategies we develop are informed by years of in-house experience. As an executive at leading nonprofits in San Diego, I developed deep expertise in the spectrum of advancement specialties, from alumni engagement and donor relations to principal gifts and strategic planning. My tenures have included:
• Associate Vice Chancellor of University Development, University of California, San Diego.
• Vice President of Philanthropy, Sharp HealthCare Foundation.
• Associate Vice President of University Relations and Development, San Diego State University.

The common factor for success in each of these exceptional organizations was my approach to building teams. From building productive partnerships with executive leadership to investing in the teams I led, I am confident that the best investment a development leader can make is in the people who carry out the work of inspiring and securing philanthropy every day.

This commitment to building up people in order to build programs drives my work as a sought-after consultant, author, and speaker for industry associations, including the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP). Additionally, I teach a variety of courses for Academic Impressions, and authored Productive Conversations with Donors: A Handbook for Frontline Fundraisers


PGFGS Members: $35 per session or $100 for all four sessions

Non-members:  $50 per session or $200 for all four sessions, plus one-year free membership