Monday, January 18, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST
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Dean Minuto 
STARTING DIFFERENT®, Teligent Corporation and Dean Minuto 

STARTING DIFFERENT® Building Relationships that Matter: The POWER of SMART 

2.5HR Webinar, Small Group Setting--  attendance limited to 25.

The POWER of SMART Relationship Building (Sales for Non-Salespeople... ssshhh Don’t Tell Them It’s Sales Training) the neuroscience of Trust and real-world application for business and personal relationships with Dr. Bill Crawford and Dean Minuto, both Vistage Speakers of the Year. (+tips on How to Deliver Great Virtual Meetings)-- Dr Bill teaches how to apply his POWER model and Dean will help attendees apply the SMART model-- each has summarized their learning from brain science as 5 simple steps that you and your Team can use to build relationships that matter.

How many of your company's employees are NOT in sales? Think about it.

How many of them DON'T have to influence clients, or persuade suppliers and other Team members?And which of them are NOT responsible for your customer's experience?

Yeah. That's what I thought. (They're ALL in Sales, but they're never going to say "I am in Sales" because of their paradigm around what the "S" word stands for...)

They might be called "Relationship Managers", "AE's", "Project Managers", "Customer Service", "Consultant"... maybe something with the word "Solutions" or "Support" or "Engineer" or "Delivery" in the title... and every single one them is in Sales.

But if we tell them that they're in Sales, they'll quit! LOL. I've seen it for 32 years.

So how about we start speaking with a different tongue. Here's my thinking about the STARTING DIFFERENT® series... let's provide you and your Team the tools and knowledge you need, based on brain science to create exceptional RELATIONSHIPS inside and outside your company.

Let's start on Monday, a day that matters-- Martin Luther King JR Day, limited to 25 seats to allow for participation, with a 2.5 hr building relationships that matter, at a per person fee of $495/attendee. 

BONUS:  We'll share our Tips on "How to Deliver Great Virtual Meetings"


Dean Minuto and Dr Bill Crawford are two the most requested and most highly-rated Speakers in the history of Vistage and TEC Canada (The World’s Leading CEO Membership Organizations)—

Dr Bill Crawford was awarded TEC Canada Speaker of the Year in 2016— and Vistage Speaker of the Year in the US in 2019. Dean was given the Vistage Speaker of the Year Award in 2015—after being the most requested Speaker in Vistage the year before, presenting to more than 112 Vistage Groups in 2014 alone.

Every day, in every way, we are Starting Different®-- learn to use the POWER and SMART Models to Build Relationships that Matter.