Saturday, April 17, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM CDT
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The Prayer Room at Calvary 
7550 Cherry Park Drive
Houston, TX 77095

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Cheryl Moses 
His Delight - Calvary Ladies' Ministry 


Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters... Isaiah 55:1a

I cannot get these words out of my head. The first few verses of Isaiah 55 have consumed my thoughts for the past several months and this passage isn't even the over arching message on my heart. Yet, it is an invitation. It is a call to seek the Lord and a promise for those who do.

The Lord has had me on a journey over the past year, of learning to live in the awe. You know, those times when we see the wonder and majesty of God on display through his blessings to us... Often, we move on too quickly past those moments, forgetting the extravagant goodness of the Lord to us through a text from a friend right when we needed it, or an unexpected financial blessing at just the right moment. A crisis sets in and we forget how good God was just a short while ago. Anxiety and worry take up residence in our minds. The awe has disappeared.

I have come to realize that living in the awe has more to do with healing our mind, emotions, and our broken default responses than just reliving a God-moment.  It is from that deep place of abiding gratitude that we find peace in the midst of the storms of life. It is where we learn to trust God when everything around us seems unsure.

We are going to unpack so much of what the scriptures have to say about healing and we won't stop there. We will hear from friends who have experienced miraculous healing, and we plan to put into practice what we have seen, heard, and believe and ask the Lord to do it in our midst.

We are delighted to bring back former Calvary worship leader, Renee Johnson, who now lives in Arkansas. Renee's ability to follow the flow of the Holy Spirit in worship is a beautiful gift to the body of Christ and a testament to the depth of intimacy she walks in with the Lord Jesus. My team and I are excited about serving with Renee again. It's been too long!

Sister, are you thirsty? Is your heart, your mind and emotions, or your body in need of healing? Then come to the water and drink your fill, but don't keep it all to yourself. Invite another thirsty soul to come along with you.

Looking forward to serving you.