Tuesday, April 13, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Melissa Adamchik, Executive Director, Tristate Trauma Network 
Tristate Trauma Network 

Secondary Trauma, Burnout, & Self-Care for Lawyers 

Feeling overly stressed in your work as a legal professional? Join us for a brief workshop to help identify secondary trauma and burnout in yourself and others, assess your current level of self-care, and learn strategies to improve self-care. 

Description: Lawyers experience depression, anxiety, and substance abuse more than the general population.  Could some of this be due to Secondary Trauma and/or Burnout?  Lawyers tend to work long hours and neglect self-care.  They are exposed to traumatic material quite frequently, especially in criminal and abuse cases. Learn about both secondary trauma and burnout and the differences between them.  Take a self-care assessment to identify ways to care for self physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  Experience two simple self-care techniques and leave with a plan to improve self-care in order to mitigate the effects of secondary trauma and other types of stress that lead to burnout.  

Method of Delivery: Live, interactive virtual session


12:00-12:10 Welcome and Opening Self-care activity  (breathing exercise) 

12:10-12:20 The Stress Response and Types of Stress (positive, tolerable, and toxic)

12:20-12:30 Secondary Trauma (definition, sources of traumatic exposure for lawyers, signs/indicators)

12:30-12:35 Burnout (definition, origins, signs/indicators)

12:35-12:45 Self-Care Assessment

12:45-12:55 Planning for Self-Care to meet individual needs

12:55-1:00 Meditation exercise 

Evaluation link will be sent at end of session

Speaker: Melissa Adamchik, MA, LPP, is the Executive Director of the Tristate Trauma Network since its formation in 2015.  Melissa has her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University in Louisville and is licensed as a Psychological Practitioner in KY.   She has 16 years of experience as a practicing mental health therapist, and 14 years of consulting and training experience.  Prior to her position at the TTN,  Melissa served as an Ohio Regional Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, covering a five-county region in Southwest Ohio and based at Child Focus, Inc.  She also worked as an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Coordinator of Early Childhood Mental Health Services at NorthKey Community Care for 7 years.  Although her focus was Early Childhood Mental Health for several years, she has worked with clients of all ages in community mental health settings and schools.  Melissa has received extensive training in trauma and its effects on individuals and is passionate about helping people who have experienced trauma.        

Cost: $40 - Special Introductory Price!

1 hour Ky & OH CLE credit is pending and will be updated as approvals are received. 

Please register by April 9, 2021 for this event.