Monday, February 15, 2021 at 8:30 AM PST
Saturday, February 20, 2021 at 4:30 PM PST

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Jack Bryant 
Waldorf Institute of Southern California 

Waldorf Practical Arts Online Training Module #3 with Jack Bryant, Mona Lewis and Terra Malmstrom 

The Anthroposophy study portion of module #3 continues our study of the Soul Forces; Thinking, Feeling and Willing" with portions of "Study of Man", "Handwork Indications by R. Steiner", "Will Developed Intelligence", and "Educating Through Arts and Crafts" edited by Michael Martin. We continue our study of the phases of development in children in primary school with an in-depth look at the core components of the curriculum including student-teacher relationship; the artistic approach; working from experience to concept; working from whole to parts; use of rhythm and repetition; and observation as the foundation for assessment. Each of these components are designed to be tailored to meet the students in each phase of the child's development. 

                                                                Hard Crafts Module #3

Hard Craft: In the curriculum for grades six, the participants are instructed on the use of the carving knife and the wood gouge, and how it is used to hollow-out a spoon from a limb of a tree or a carefully chosen piece of wood. The temperament of each child is considered when selecting the wood used for these projects. After making a spoon or cooking utensil, the participants are given the opportunity to carve a design using small gouges and chisels, calling forth geometry skills learned in main lessons in this grade. 

                                                            Soft Crafts Module #3 Cross Stitch

Soft Craft: Participants learn hand sewing and embroidery. They will make a needle book, a handwork bag and then two projects using cross stitch, a glasses case and a pin cushion. It is helpful for children in 4th grade to return to their inner focus. In the grades the children will use their handwork bag for several years in their handwork classes.

Here is a Viking Braiding Fork tutorial from Mona's YouTube Channel. Please review it sometime before the first meeting. Feel free to get a jump on making your braid, as you will not spend much time on it in class. Mona will go over the technique, but you will be braiding for homework.



Jack Bryant has been a practical arts and games teacher in Santa Fe Waldorf School, New Mexico and a class teacher, practical arts and sculpting teacher at Highland Hall. He also teaches courses in teacher training institutions in the USA and China.

Mona Lewis was an early childhood teacher at Highland Hall for four years and the handwork teacher at Highland Hall for 16 years. She is also extensively hosting workshops for adults in handcrafts and natural plant dyes and has been the handcraft teacher in summer camp at Highland Hall for the last four years.

Course Fee: $380 plus $20 materials fee for hard crafts only.

We do not have materials for soft crafts anymore. You will have to get your own materials. See below. 


Materials info:

Please only sign up for materials if you live in the Los Angeles area and are able to pick up in Chatsworth on Sunday, Feb. 14. from noon till 2:00 pm. If you live far away it is advisable to get your own supplies. See below:

Hard Crafts: 

Hard crafts will get one piece of basswood for a spoon 1x3x12  https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Basswood&ref=nb_sb_noss_2  and one piece 1x8x8 square of basswood for a clock. You can also order the clock mechanism here. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=clock+mechanism&crid=15V5FN0VH3AGG&sprefix=Clock%2Caps%2C242&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-a-p_5_5 

We are not supplying the battery powered mechanism...only wood.

Soft Crafts: 


 Needle Book

Work Bag

Lucet braid for the work bag

Book Mark

Glasses Case

Pin Cushion - Mirrored Image


 Sewing supplies


Straight Pins ( I use the ones with large glass tips)

Thimble if desired

Pin Cushion

 Needle Book:

6x12 wool felt- 2 pieces

Pearl Cotton Thread - size 3

Crewel Sewing needle with a large eye

Aida Cloth 6x12 - 1 piece ( zig zag around the edge with a sewing machine so it doesn’t unravel)

6 x of 6 pieces of card stock - 2 pieces

Rubber Glove (optional)

 Work Bag

Hemp or Linen fabric ( It should be sturdy but not too stiff.)  15” x 30” approximately

Pearl Cotton Thread in 3 shades of the same color - size 3

Crewel Sewing needle

A stick of chalk

3 Colored Pencils

A couple sheets of paper, 8” x 10”

 Lucet Braid 

1 skein pearl cotton- uncut- size 3 ( choose one of the same colors you used for your bag.)

Lucet of your choice

 Book Mark

Aida cloth - size 6 or 7-cut to  2” x 7” (zig zag around the edge)

Wool Felt - 2” x 7”

Pearl Cotton Thread - size 3

Crewel Sewing needle

Tapestry needle

 Glasses Case

Aida cloth - size 6 or 7, cut to 6” x  8”

Cotton fabric for lining,  cut to 7” x 9”

Pearl Cotton Thread, size 3 - you need at least 5 colors, in the same color family, ranging from dark to light. 

Wool felt - Cut to 6”x8”

Tapestry Needle

Crewel Needle

Straight Pins 

Pin Cushion

Aida Cloth - size 6 or 7- cut to 6” square ( it can be as bigger if you like) Zig zag the edges.

Felt or velvet for the back cut to the same size as your Aida cloth

Pearl cotton in a variety of colors

Stuffing - wool, cotton, or what ever you have on hand

Tapestry Needle

Crewel Needle

Straight Pins

A set of colored pencils

Graph paper

Message from Mona:

Looking ahead to the next module there are a few things you should look into finding for your supply kits. 

I’ll be getting some of this embroidery thread for you, but if you would like to choose your own colors, here is a link to get some thread. 

 You will need 5 shades of one color thread, ranging from light to dark.

 See you in February!





Also, please  get yourself a Viking Braiding Fork- a Lucet.

Get any one that you like and fits your budget.





Hemp Fabric


Aida Cloth- 6 count



There is wool felt on Etsy, here’s where I bought mine:



If you opt to get the materials from Mona you only need to supply:


Watercolors and a piece of paper

colored pencils and 2 pieces of printing paper and 2 pieces of graph paper

chalk, 3 sticks in different colors

A Lucet

Straight Pins

a Thimble if desired