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Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania 

PDMP 2021 Producer/Farm Membership 

We have learned much from these unusual times: that the work PDMP does as a producer driven organization is even more essential for dairy families in times of crisis; that policy makers are dependent on quick and factual input from PDMP when crafting and/or correcting relief packages and policies; that PDMP can adapt and continue to provide professional development programs virtually that are relevant to the dairy producers’ business and sometimes the virtual platform makes it even easier for our members to access; and that busy progressive dairy producers don’t want or need to be bombarded with the noise of every government action in response to the crisis...just what is relevant to them.

We have a lot on our plate this year and we need you to be an active member of PDMP so we can further our efforts to help dairies grow and prosper, in the good times and in the most difficult.  From giving voice to PA dairy producers on issues such as environmental policy, milk pricing, a year-round farm worker visa, and how COVID relief initiatives help or hinder income at the farm level, to helping producers navigate consumer demands that are driving farm managment, to other professional development programs ranging from business to silage management, PDMP is the one member organization in PA that is completely dairy producer focused.

We cannot do all of this without you being an active and engaged member in PDMP this year.  Please renew your membership with PDMP for 2021.