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March 17, 2021
March  31, 2021
April 7, 2021
April 14, 2021
April 21, 2021


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Your Presenters

Molly Keck is an Integrated Pest Management Program Specialist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Bexar County, TX (San Antonio, TX). Molly graduated from Texas A&M University and holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Entomology.

Laura M. Miller is a County Extension Agent with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Tarrant County. She applies science-based knowledge to provide continuing education and problem-solving services to anyone who is trying to make some money in horticulture, from green industry professionals to fruit, vegetable, and ornamental plant growers. She is a two time graduate of Texas A&M University and an ISA Certified Arborist.


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What's that bug and what is it doing to my tree? 

Join Board Certified Entomologist, Molly Keck, for the Introduction to Entomology Webinar Series for Arborists. Over several noon meetings, you can gain a greater understanding of entomology, integrated pest management in the landscape and be able to identify common insect problems in the landscape. If you miss any sessions, don't worry, you will be able to watch or rewatch them all later whenever you want at your convenience.

This series provides a foundation to understanding insects. You will learn the basics of entomology. What is an insect versus other relatives? Who does the damage and in what part of their lifecycle? How do they feed? The series looks at specific species and delves into the specifics of where they lay eggs, the damage they cause, and what attracts them. The series ends with a look at Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of tree and landscape pests. By watching this webinar series, you will expand or reinforce your understanding of insects in the landscape. It provides a basis for understanding more in-depth presentations on emerald ash borers or other Insect problems.

Are you a certified pesticide applicator? By viewing this series and attending the “Laws and Regs” session presented by Laura Miller, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service horticulture agent in Tarrant County, you can acquire all 5 TDA CEUs that meet the annual requirement.

Webinar Series Schedule (5 ISA CEUs)

Session 1: March 17 - Pesticide Laws and Reg Update - This presentation will review Texas pesticide licensing, record keeping and inspection rules in an interactive cooperative game format. Presented by Laura Miller.

Session 2: March 31 - Ento 101 – Learn the basics of entomology and building blocks to understanding insects.  What is an insect versus other relatives, types of mouthparts and their damage, lifecycle and who does the damage, and how insects fall into the grand scheme of living things.  This presentation contains terminology and information important to understanding Ento 102. Presented by Molly Keck          

Session 3: April 7 - Ento 102 – Common Insect Orders of landscape insects and how to identify them in the field.  Knowing who is doing the damage, their lifecycle, and how they feed is the main battle in understanding how to manage those pests. Presented by Molly Keck  

Session 4: April 14 - Common Insects of Trees and Landscape Plants -  Now that you know the orders, let's look into specific species and delve into the specifics of where they lay eggs, what they are attracted to, what damage they do, and why they are found in the landscape. Presented by Molly Keck  

Session 5: April 21 - Integrated Pest Management of Tree and Landscape Pests -  An integrated approach to pest management means using all available control tactics to bring pests to a tolerable level AND knowing which pests need treatment and what time.  This saves you labor, costs, and is environmentally friendly.  Learn how to manage common pests through cultural control, preventive measures, and chemical control options that are organic and traditional.  Some pests do not require treatment – know when to spray and when to walk away! Presented by Molly Keck

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