Monday - Thursdays, June 14 - July 16th, 8:45 a.m. - 11:30 daily


This is an online event. 



Every Child Reading 

Virtually Amazing, Super Star Summer Camp - Summer 2021

June 14th - July 16th, 8:45 a.m. - 11:30, Monday - Thurday


We are very excited to invite you to be a part of our community and join us for the 7th year of our life-changing, skill and confidence building, literacy Super Star Summer Camp.  This program was created specifically to build and improve skills in reading and spelling, with additional support in writing and in math. This camp is designed for students entering 1st - 9th grade who struggle with reading, spelling, and writing or are identified with dyslexia.  The Orton-Gillingham* approach is the gold standard in teaching literacy skills and our staff is both trained and supported in this method. 

5 weeks - June 14th -  July 16th, 2021, 8:45 - 11:30, Monday - Thurday

Virtual Super Star Camp fee includes: tutoring and STEAM BASED writing/ math.

Virtual Camp - 2 1/2 engaging, well planned hours, Orton-Gillingham tutoring, STEAM-based math/writing. 30 minutes Oral reading practice (optional)  For more details click here.

  • One Student with One Tutor - $1600.00 

  • Small Group - no more than 4 students with One Tutor - $1350.00

  • Steam session are small groups working colloboratively 

More questions?  Click here for frequently asked questions.

Upon completion of this camp registration we will send you a link for payment that will enable you to make one payment or multiple payments depending on your registration date.  In May we will schedule a time to meet your student get to know them a bit and do some simple screening to understand their needs and assist us with placement.

Registration payment by check can be send to:

Every Child Reading    7435 East Maple Ave.  Denver, CO 80230

*The Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham approach is approved for the READ act by the Colorado Department of Education and an International Dyslexia Association recommended program.