Meeting # 2: February 18, 2021                                                                                                                           In The Pursuit of Insurance Professionalism


CJCA February Virtual Meeting



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Topic: Vaccine Rollout- Current COVID vaccines and their repercussions regarding possible employment law and workers' compensation claims.


Questions to be answered in this presentation include: 

  • Should employers mandate or encourage employees to get the vaccine and what are the risks?
  • What are the workers' compensation implications of making the vaccine mandatory?
  • Can a business terminate employment if the employee refuses to get the vaccine?
  • What about employees who cannot receive the vaccine? Will this make a difference? 
  • What is the employer’s responsibility if an employee suffers complications from the vaccine?





Speakers: Mark Setaro Esq & Julie Kinkopf Esq

Partners- Weber Gallagher




TIME:     Social Networking Begins at 4:45 p.m.

Meeting program starts at 5:00 p.m.

 COST:    No Charge

This timely and informative seminar will review the basic concepts of EDR technology, including what and when data is recorded, and how to access and utilize it. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate these basic concepts and to springboard to a discussion of the latest advances, changes, and future trends. The latest in GPS technology will be considered to demonstrate how it can provide additional insight into the circumstances surrounding a collision or other event. Indeed, whether to investigate the so-called “pattern of life” leading to an event, or to assist with the reconstruction analysis, GPS technology is quickly becoming a valuable tool to the forensic investigator and engineer. Basics of the GPS network such as the various system segments, sources of error, and system accuracy will be discussed, and segued into practical applications and case studies.