Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM CDT
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This is an online event.
After registering, please check your email for a confirmation email containing the Poetry Slam Zoom link. 


This event is open to all students enrolled at a tribal college or university. 


Brad Shreve 

2021 AIHEC Poetry Slam 

In collaboration with inDIGIfest, AIHEC, TCJ Student, and the American Indian College Fund are pleased to announce the 2021 Virtual Poetry Slam! Registration is open to all tribal college students. Register now, as only 30 spots are available!


Virtual Poetry Slam Format and Rules

  1. This event will take place via Zoom. There are no restrictions on how students deliver their poem, what they say, or the overall subject matter. However, no props or musical instruments are permitted.
  2. Each poet has three (3) minutes to introduce and deliver their poem.
  3. Poets will say their name, tribal college, and title of their poem CLEARLY for the judges before every recitation.
  4. One (1) poem per round. Poets may not deliver the same poem again. If they advance to the next round, they must deliver a new poem.
  5. The Master of Ceremonies (MC) will introduce competing poets, enforce the rules, organize the judges, and entertain the audience between rounds.
  6. The panel of judges will rate each poem autonomously. 
  7. Scoring will be based on a scale of zero to ten (0-10), with zero (0) being the lowest score and ten (10) being the highest score obtainable. Judges may use decimal points in their score. After each poet, the judges will write down their score. Once a round concludes, the judges will confer via text messaging, determining the top poets who will advance to the next round. The MC will read the names of the top poets after she/he receives the results via text messaging from the judges.
  8. The Virtual Poetry Slam is open to a maximum of 30 participants—first come, first serve.
  9. There are four (4) rounds in the Poetry Slam. Up to thirty-seven (37) poets, one for each college or university, are allowed to enter in the first round, but the judges will only select the eight (8) best poets to advance to the second round. After the second round, the four (4) best poets advance. After the third round, the top two (2) poets compete for AIHEC Slam Poet Laureate honors.