Wednesday, March 17, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM SGT
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Florie Derouet 
Cultural Training Asia / Developing Global Leaders Asia 

Accelerate Your Career – Women in Leadership

Program Preview

This 60 minute session gives participants the opportunity to think about their career progression and create action steps to move forward. 

It is also an overview of our Women in Leadership programs, including a sneak peek at some of the exercises and activities from the program. 

Why sign up?

 The session

  • is short and convenient
  • provides participants with an initial understanding of building their careers and leveraging their stakeholder network
  • includes an overview of our Women in Leadership Programs
  • allows participants to ask questions about the Women in Leadership Programs

Session content

  • Reflect on your career goals
  • Discuss what works and doesn’t work for women’s advancement
  • Learn about how you can further accelerate your and other women’s careers
  • Learn about how Developing Global Leaders is supporting female leadership development

Target audience

Anyone who is interested to develop themselves and/or support female talent to advance in their career.

Delivery Platform: Zoom - you will receive the link after registration, nearer to the date of the session.

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes.

The session will be run by Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli, Managing Partner of Developing Global Leaders Asia, author of 'The Culture Key' and upcoming 'The Roadmap to Gender Equality in Organisations' and main faciliator of the Women in Leadership Programs.

Developing Global Leaders Asia

 Responsible leadership combined with the ability to lead across borders and cultures has the power to transforms individuals, teams, organisations, and society – when it’s done right. Developing Global Leaders Asia has decades of research and practical experience.   Our consulting and training services focus on developing globally competent and socially responsible leaders, cohesive multicultural teams and sustainable corporate culture that respects the organisation’s social and environmental impact.


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