Saturday, June 12, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT
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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

Driving Directions 


Blastcamp Paint Ball & Airsoft 


Come help us determine who will be crowned king or queen of the jungle! Join hundreds of players for a hilariously fun event! 





Blue team   -  Carol Baskin commanded by
Shannon Evans from The 13th Legionnares 


Red team  - Tiger King commanded by
David Smith from Paint Force Trauma


Marking tape or Team Tags to designate team must be worn on the front and back of mask at all times and cannot be removed


Saturday, June 12th 

8:00am – All services open
9:30am – Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation
10:00am - 1pm Section 1 
1:00pm – 2:00pm Break
2:00pm - 5:00pm Section 2 (switch sides)

**Final Battle to immediately follow regular play


Team Starting Points/Insertion Points
*Teams will switch sides at lunch*

 Red Team  – 
 1st half,
 2nd half


 Blue Team  –
 1st half,
 2nd half


Field speed/Firing modes:

280fps(All Markers and vehicles)
160fps(Law rockets)
12.5bps max – no ramping
Full auto allowed (under 12.5bps) however NO full auto in buildings
Field paint ONLY!
First strike rounds permitted

First strike regulations:
  • If your gun is capable of shooting First Strike – you MUST Chrono with them AND GET FS CHRONO PUNCH ON PLAYER CARD. 270fps
  • 40ft Minimum engagement distance. Players are encouraged to carry a sidearm and or have roundball capability.
  • No First strike rounds allowed inside buildings (40ft med) You can shoot out of the building from inside however no CQB shots allowed.
Event paint only! Any players found to be using outside paint will be removed from the event without refund no questions asked! First Strike Rounds purchased at the event are allowed.



Excessive foul language, cheating, blatantly breaking of rules, or anything in between will result in player card ref punches up to and including expulsion of the game with no refund. Major infractions will have you removed from the game immediately. If any of the above arises from a team player we will remove your whole team from the field and you can answer to them as well.
Player Id Badges
It is your responsibility to keep track of your player badge, without this you will not gain entry into the playing field, event staff will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced badges. Keep it on you at all times along with your player wrist band that denotes your side color.
You will find various props on the field of play. Return them to your commander. All game props must remain on the field. The only reason a prop should be off field is if it is being turned into event producer for points or it’s the end of game play for that segment. If props are found off field for any other reason they will be taken and not be cycled back into the game. Props must remain OUTSIDE of the commander bunker and may not be buried destroyed or altered in any way. Players can carry props on their person, but if they are eliminated they MUST drop all props at the location they are eliminated
Commanders will receive missions at the top of the hour, every hour of game play. Contact your commander to get involved in running missions. Every mission card MUST be at its location before a mission can start. Event staff will mark all missions cards with start time, end time, and their ref number for mission verification. After missions are completed it is the players responsibility return all completed to their command staff/base. Completed missions cards will be gathered through out the event and turned into event promoter for scoring. You have exactly one hour from the time a mission is given to start the mission. Failure to do so will result in said mission being marked failed.
It is vital to your sides success to complete missions at all costs!!
Insertions will be constant the entire event.
All players must be clean of all old hits before re-entering game play. In the result of base over runs a side will be given two insertions to attempt to re-take the field. If unsuccessful opposing side will be asked to move players back, if refused event staff reserve the right to move players back at our own discretion.
When entering the field to return to your base for insertion, players are expected to avoid walking through fire fights or enemy lines as much as possible. If a player is seen not using the proper insertion methods side will receive a warning. If it occurs again the event producer will shut down your constant insertion window for 10 minutes as a penalty per occurrence.
If a paintball breaks on your person or any equipment you are carrying you are eliminated. Unless utilizing a medic, raise your hand, call yourself out, and exit the field/area as quickly as possible. ALWAYS barrel sock your marker when dead, failure to do so may result in being targeted again as a live player.
Arm Band Tape
Player arm band tape not required for regular players. The only way to tell a players side is by their player ID card which must be worn at all times and will denote what color said player is on. It is up to your commander to decide if they want you to wear arm band tape or not.

Special Event Rules
Wild tigers roam the grounds you are on. Coming within 50 feet of a tiger will cause its territorial instincts to attack. In good spirit of the game you have two options if you stumble upon a tiger in the wild.
1. Exit the area minus one of your appendages screaming like you were jus attacked by a wild tiger
2. Take the elimination as if the tiger killed you
3. The only way to remove a wild tiger from the area is to get one of your Veterinarians to come tranquilize the animal and move it into captivity
Tigers are valuable to your sides success. Killing a tiger should be a last ditch effort in any case, killing a tiger permanently removes it from the game for the entire event.
One tiger must consume 10 pounds of food per hour to survive. Failure to provide adequate food for your animals will eventually lead to their death. You will receive points per tiger every hour. If a tiger dies in captivity you will lose points.
Tigers must be transported to activity or engagement pens every hour for at minimum 15 minutes.
Captivity Holding Pens
Each side will have designated holding pens for their tigers. Once in captivity tigers require 10 pounds of food per hour per tiger to remain healthy and not die of starvation. While in holding pens tigers can not be stolen or killed
Engagement/Activity Pens
Tigers must be transported to designated Engagement or Activity Pens at the top of every hour to remain healthy. These activities must last at least 15 minutes once inside pen. Veterinarians are the only persons allowed to
transport tigers in both wild and captivity.
Superstore Market
When wild game becomes scarce the local super market discards their expired foods at various times. If the market is under fire, the market clerks will not tend to or empty expired food items for you to retrieve.
Botanical Gardens
Rare ancient medicinal plants grow in these areas. Picking them prior to needing to use them will eliminate their effectiveness if your tiger becomes ill. Finding these when your animals become ill (which they will at some point) will heal them and prevent them from expiring in captivity.
Medics/Medic Calls
Medics may not heal neck or head shots they are instant kills. A player calling for a medic MUST yell MEDIC first and foremost, if you yell hit or out you are eliminated. A medic has one minute to reach you, fill out their medic card, wipe the hit for you and you are back in play. Medics can not heal gun shots. Medics must wear white arm band tape, have a blank medic card, and properly write down player numbers when being a medic. Failure to do so will result in the loss of medic supply cards.
LAWS(Tranquilizer Rounds)
LAWS will only be utilized to tranquilize tigers in the wild. A tiger can not be transported into captivity until it is properly tranquilized by a Veterinarian on your side. Once tranquilized a tiger remains harmless for approximately 30 minutes.
First Strike Rounds (Long Range Hunting Munition)
These will be used to harvest wild game to keep your tigers well fed. When attempting to harvest wild game you must contact a ref who will then determine the distance of the shot it will take. You then have three shots to hit your wild game target. If you miss all three, the wild animal escaped from the area and you no longer be allowed to harvest it at that location. Running up to or close to wild game before it has been harvest may cause the wild animal to run away to another location.
Choppers(Transport Only) - None this game
Mobile Tanks - None allowed this game

Payroll Productions reserves the right to omit, change, or alter rules at any time with our discretion.