Tuesday, March 9
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Laura Mendez
Main Street Alabama



The Power of Place, Presenter Jeff Siegler, 10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

When we think of placemaking, we typically imagine how we dress up our favorite public space, but the concept of place is so much bigger. Place is ubiquitous. It effects everything we do and it is one of the largest determinants of the type of life we lead. We are always surrounded by place. How places are built, how they functions, and how they are designed dictate how people go about leading their lives.

Our places have the ability to make us proud, or make us feel ashamed. They have the ability to bring us closer to one another, or make us feel alone. The places we shape, determine our physical, mental, social and economic health. In understanding how much our places shape our lives, we begin to understand how much better we need to do in shaping our places.

Wayfinding 101: What? Why? and How?, Presenter Shawn Terpack, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Get a better understanding of what a wayfinding system is (and is NOT) and how it benefits your community. This discussion will cover many of the different components that make up a robust and effective wayfinding system, from the interstate to the parking lot and beyond. We will also discuss what goes into the planning process, including destination selection, traffic patterns, and sign design, as well as things to look for during the implementation phase.

Civic Pride. Civic Apathy. Presenter Jeff Siegler, 1:45 - 3 p.m.

Thousands of communities have been devastated by the effects of apathy and unless we do something drastic, the problem is only going to get worse. Apathy destroys everything it touches and cannot be mitigated with planning or money. Residents' lack of care and concern cannot be fixed by continuing down the same path. We have to take a new approach and help restore people’s relationship to their town. Only in fostering a sense of civic pride, can we begin to beat back the effects of apathy. We have to bring people together, restore beauty, foster affection and give people more meaning. By taking a small scale, simple and incremental approach, we can begin to replace apathy with pride. The key is getting to work. There is no silver bullet needed and no one is going to come along and fix it for us. We simply have to do our part, every resident, every day, taking part in making the community just a little bit better. When everyone participates, we can all have something truly special, a community we can be proud of. 


Jeff Siegler, Founder, Revitalize, or Die.

Apathy is a community killer and Jeff has dedicated his career to combating apathy by fostering civic pride. He is the founder of Revitalize, or Die. and a founding partner of Proud Places. Having a background in urban planning, revitalization, real estate, economics and organizational development, has afforded Jeff a unique vantage point for addressing the issues plaguing communities today. What Jeff lacks in patience and eloquence, he makes up for in passion and honesty. He believes there is no work more important than restoring our communities back to health. Revitalization has the power to transform people’s lives by fostering a stronger sense of community, providing opportunity, promoting equality and enhancing residents quality of life. It’s work that can’t wait.  

Shawn Terpack, Art Director, Arnett Muldrow and Associates

Shawn Terpack has been honing his design skills for nearly 20 years. Shawn has a vast understanding of design, branding, and marketing. He has worked with hundreds of clients over the past two decades of every size and specialty. He brings with him a strong sense of curiosity and eager drive to solve problems.