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Saturday, April 10, 2021 from 5:00 PM to 6:45 PM EDT
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Dr. Kara Dillard
James Madison University ICAD


A Public Voice | Common Ground for Action on Sustaining Ourselves

Please join us for the A Public Voice | National Week of Deliberation online deliberative forum using Common Ground for Action (CGA) on Saturday April 10, 2021 at 5:00pm EST/2:00pm PST on “Sustaining Ourselves: How Can We Best Meet the Needs of Today and Tomorrow?”

The A Public Voice - National Week of Deliberation CGA college forum series connects college students from across the country to discuss and make choices together about today's most pressing, wicked issues. As more campuses become ideological bubbles, this initiative hopes to give students a space to talk across geographic and ideological divides to see what common ground we have to act.

Overiew of Sustaining Ourselves:

It seems clear that the America inhabited by our grandchildren will look different from the America of today. We need to address what aspects of our current lifestyle are important enough to keep and pass down, and what we could choose to do without. It is time to ask: How can we best meet our needs today without hampering our ability to meet those needs tomorrow?

In our 90 minute deliberative discussion, we will discuss three options to act:

OPTION 1:Take Action to Repair and Protect Crucial Resources. Vital resources, such as clean water and agricultural land, are dwindling quickly, with ominous implications. We must take urgent measures, including government regulation and pressure on businesses to solve this problem.

OPTION 2: Focus the Power of Markets and Technological Innovation. As long as the right incentives are in place, our resource-overspending problems have every chance for solution by inventors, entrepreneurs, and the market.

OPTION 3: Transform Our Culture. We need to reconnect with values that were once prized by most Americans: frugality, altruism, social connections, and living within one's means. If we can do this, we'll be healthier, happier, and more prosperous—and the planet and our communities will be in better shape too.

Check out the issue guide here for more information: