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I-70/75 Development Association

I-70/75 Development Association Membership 

Don’t miss a great opportunity to enhance your expertise, your network, your business and your community – all with one membership. More than just a professional association, business development association or networking group, I-70/75 brings together a powerful combination of people who drive economic development in areas served by interstates 70 and 75 between Butler County to the south and Shelby County to the north. 

You won’t find better value for the time and resources you invest. One meeting attended or one key contact made could be the catalyst for a new project, partnership or joint venture. And in the process, you’ll be giving a boost to the long-term economic health of the Dayton region.

Annual dues for membership in the I-70/75 Development Association are $275.00 per organization. This membership fee includes your entire company's membership to the Association, as well as comlimentary attendance at monthly meetings for two members of your organization (and a modest fee for additional members who wish to attend each meeting). This allows participation by as many people from your organization as you care to send. Modest fees are also charged for the Regional Economic Development Summit, although some social events are free.

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Join the Association of renew your membership by clicking the Register Now button below. Membership is valid for one year.