Saturday, March 12, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST
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Chris or Matthew Fulmer, Parade Directors



Downtown St. Augustine beginning at Francis Field


Please join us for the 2022 St. Augustine St. Patrick Parade presented by Romanza-St. Augustine, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, on Saturday, March 11, beginning at 10 AM, Downtown.

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$75 for Commercial or Non-Commercial Group Entry

Accredited K-12 Schools, College groups, or Military groups are FREE (BUT YOU MUST STILL REGISTER!)


Please Read (You will be asked to acknowledge when you register)


  • Units must pay attention to the Parade Marshals and their directions. They are there to make sure things go smoothly.
  • Units must be decorated and in the theme of St. Patrick’s Day-the greener the better! 
  • This event is a celebration of Celtic music and heritage, and not for political statement, causes or agendas. 
  • Motor units can be no wider than 8.5 feet and 13.5 feet tall, per the FDOT manual for commercial motor vehicles, chapter 11.
  • Units shall report at their designated time on the route, not before. This enables a smooth loading of the units on the street.
  • No skateboards are permitted.
  • Vehicles towing floats must be dependable and mechanically sound.
  • Trailers and flatbeds must be skirted and no one may hang their legs, arms, or anything else over the side.
  • Pickup trucks do NOT qualify as a ‘float’ entry.
  • All horses MUST have a pooper scooper for each group. Carriage horses MUST have a bag.
  • Everyone should maintain a FORWARD motion at all times. No stopping to perform or interact with the crowds as this will cause gaps along the way.
  • Abide by flag protocols. The United States flag is always first and highest.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, passengers must remain on floats or vehicles at all times. You may not jump off or on a vehicle, float, train or trolley on the parade route.
  • If you wish to hand out candy or other non-political specialty items, please walk alongside your float/car and hand it out to the crowd. Please keep our children safe and DO NOT throw anything into the crowd. Candy or other items MAY NOT be handed out or thrown from a vehicle.
  • You will be responsible for cleaning your staging area and/or your parking area immediately following the parade.
  • DO NOT STOP once you reach the end of the parade route. Please continue through so the rest of the parade can finish.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from the Parade if the rules set forth above are not followed.