Following an extended season of health, cultural and political turbulence and uncertainty, churches and other gatherings are resuming. As the people who make up those gatherings return, the protection community must be more ready than ever to face the new concerns of a post-seclusion society. What trepidations will accompany the variable mindsets, personalities and relationships that walk through the doors?

One thing for sure, all the concerns ministry leaders had about safety & security before mass isolation and separation are still applicable. And the skills required to properly address them have not been as actively refreshed as before.

The churches highlighted below recognize the need for our community to enhance our readiness together and have sponsored the Faith Based Security Network to come to the area for a boost to all those teams.

The generous support of those churches allowed us to offer seats for just $25.00 each! THANK YOU to those churches who really understand the need for intentional security!

If your organization is considering a safety and security ministry or your team (like many) needs a boost, please register and attend this half-day seminar. Our goal is to encourage and educate.

We look forward to seeing you there.





NOTE: We continue to monitor Covid concerns. If, for any reason the event should be cancelled, you will be refunded 100%. No later than 24 hours before the event, we will send all registrants a communication on what the state and church are requiring at that time for healthy gatherings.



Zion Church 
5511 S 27th St
Lincoln, NE 68512

Driving Directions 

Seasoned professionals will present the following topics

AGENDA for Sunday 3/28/21

2:00 PM Carl Chinn: The Wake-up call. Why we need Security in Faith-Based Organizations

3:00 PM Carl Chinn: 10 Things: Every Protection Program should include these priorities


4:00 PM Cody Blocker: Protecting Your Church: Thoughts on Church Security and Leadership

5:00 PM Carl Chinn: Roll up Your Sleeves: A Community of Responsible Defenders

5:45 PM Panel Discussion / Q & A from Audience

6:30 PM Adjourn

Minor changes may occur in the agenda, but we will Start at 2:00 PM; end by 6:30 PM
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