Thursday, April 1, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM PDT
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Deb Alcadinho, CEO & Founder 
Westshore Women's Business Network 

Westshore Women's Business Network
Business Learning & Networking event - April 1st
"5 Questions to Become a Silver Linings Seeker"
with Jilly Hyndman, CPCC PCC, the heartrageous coach"

Do you believe in silver linings? Turning lemons into lemonade? Finding gems in the rubble? Or is that all a bunch of hooey and wishful thinking? 

Either way, you'll be inspired to turn that frown upside down in this interactive talk led by Jilly Hyndman CPCC PCC, the heartrageous coach. Through stories of bad bosses, a scary diagnosis and other gifts from the universe, Jilly will reveal five key questions that will help you seek the silver linings in life's unplanned, unwanted and downright disappointing events. 

Why? Not so we can ignore the bad or broken things that happen, but so we can truly be with them ('cause they're going to happen) and move through them with more ease...so we can spend more time and energy on what matters most. 

Bring your hardship, bad luck or annoying obstacle, and leave with practical tips and tools to adopt a mindset that will bring more resilience, joy and optimism to your life. 

Meet Jilly, the heartrageous coach. She's a professional life, leadership and death coach, facilitator and trainer. 
"I came to coaching after a 20+ year career in marketing, communications, project and people management because I long for a world where everyone is completely themselves. Where authenticity and self-expression are the norm. Where we live according to the rage of our own passions and desires…not what’s prescribed to us by society, our families or other constructs.

I believe that a better world starts with each of us living from our hearts. I help people who feel stuck or misaligned or unfulfilled or who’ve had a ‘gift from the universe’ dropped in their laps to find and connect with their authentic selves, have hard conversations about the things that matter most, and then live courageously, unapologetically and passionately…on their own terms. Connect with Jilly: www.jillyhyndman.com