Thursday, March 25, 2021                       7:00 pm to 9:00 pm CST

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This is an online event and will be offered via Zoom. 


Cassandra Quinn


 This is the second in a series of Culture Panel Discussions featuring a variety of theatre programs sharing their successful methods for thriving in these troubling times.

This panel features representatives from professional, community, and educational theatre, panelists will share their methods for addressing critical issues that performing artists have faced this past year.  

Culture Panelists from across the state will be discussing their organizations' responses, plans, and actions that have unfolded from experiences of the last 12 months with special focus on COVID19 and BLM. This discussion will explore plans they have for the year to come as they continue to serve their audiences and communities.

From this panel, the hope is that you'll:

- Learn from others' experiences and plans to discover ways to better serve your own community

- Connect with theatre educators and practitioners from across the state to discover ideas & support as you move through 2021

- Cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different cultures & experiences from across the state


Mark your calendars for the next Culture Panel Discussions sponsored by the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Culture Committee of the Illinois Theatre Association: 

 - April 22, 2021

- May 20, 2021




Culture Panel Discussion:  

 Thriving Through Contemporary Events

Second in a Four-Part Series

Sponsored by the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Culture Committee of the Illinois Theatre  Association   

 Join us for a series of virtual panel discussions featuring representatives from Illinois theatre programs sharing their methods for addressing issues that those in the performing arts have faced this past year. These panels include representatives from professional, community, and educational theatrical programs.

 Thursday, March 25, 2021
7:00 to 9:00 pm


Culture Panel Featured Theatre Programs!

Reginald Edmund, Managing Curating Producer, Black Lives, Black Words:

Black Lives, Black Words is an artistic movement that spans across countries and continents, in which Black narratives are told by and in complete control by Black Artists with the mission in mind to empower all audiences. Its mission is to empower artists of color and the communities they are a part of. This movement empowers black artists to be activists and to transform their neighborhoods through their art. The aim to create lasting changes in how artists view how their voice serves to better their lives, their communities, and ultimately the world that surrounds them.  
Ginger Leopoldo, Founding Artistic Director The Center for Immigrant Resources and Community Arts – Pintig:
CIRCA-Pintig (CP) for short, is a 30-year Chicago-based organization whose mission is to engage community members in addressing critical needs of immigrant communities in creative, participatory, and empowering ways. As its name underscores, CP’s mission is two-pronged. The Immigrant Resources (IR) focus is on providing much-needed resources and services as well as access to these through grassroots activities and campaigns primarily for, from, and by immigrant communities. The Community Arts (CA) focus is on developing, nurturing, and popularizing community arts aesthetic and pedagogy that speaks of the immigrant experience within the changing multicultural American landscape as well as celebrating the histories and artistic legacies of America’s diverse cultural terrain through participatory art creation. Pintig is a Filipino term for “heartbeat” or “pulse”. CP’s almost three-decade practice and tradition were borne out of and honed through Pintig’s active cultural work since 1991. CP’s work may be summed up in three foundational principles – educate-organize-mobilize (E-O-M).

Michele Vazquez, Representative, the William Street Repertory:
Williams Street Repertory, Raue Center’s in-house professional theatre company, is a non-profit theatre dedicated to the mission of producing diverse and emotionally charged stories within a repertory model of production thatdeepen the cultural richness of our community and our region.
  “How we make our art is as important as the art itself.” —Founding Artistic Director, Richard Kuranda

Orion Couling, Founder and Executive Director, EDGE of Orion:
Edge of Orion focuses on Arts and Education in an effort to empower learners through theatre arts as they learn how to navigate the complicated emotions of growing up and being part of society. They are committed to inclusivity and social justice and welcome actors of all abilities from preschool age through adults. From creating original works that reflect the lives of the company to performing theatrical touchstones, EDGE of Orion is dedicated to fostering community and giving the actors space to develop their voices and tell their stories. Tickets are available now for their upcoming online production of Les Miserable, performing online in April and for their inaugural virtual “Royal Masked Ball” a virtual inclusive, masked, formal fundraising ball taking place on May 29th. We will post links for these in the chat during story time and you can find out more about Edge of Orion and The Constellation Project via their website www.edgeoforion.com.

Annaliisa Ahlman, Teacher/Director, Niles North High School:
Niles North Theatre strives to provide a safe, creative atmosphere, in a public school setting, where young theatre artists can feel free to express themselves and grow. Emphasis is placed on all aspects of the dramatic process, focusing on collaboration.


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