Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. PDT (UTC -7) beginning April 7th


This is an online event. 



SV-ISSA Education Director 

SV-ISSA CCSP Review Program 

The Silicon Valley Chapter ISSA intends to present instructor-led sessions reviewing the (ISC) CCSP Official Study Guide, 2nd Edition in conjunction with the (ISC) Official Practice Tests, 2nd Edition. There are currently 6instruction sessions over a three week period.  1 makeup session and 1 Practice Test Questions session will be added to the schedule in addition to the actual coursework.

Optimal target dates begin April 7th (Wednesday) and April 29th (Thursday) evenings from 6 to 9 p.m.

Visual materials and technical content will be provided to each coach from official materials and can be curated to suit by the Coach.

Video Conferencing considerations: 

In-person classroom sessions will not be possible this year. Videoconferencing will suffice.

  • The program is instructor-led as opposed to ‘distance learning’ or recorded sessions
    • Feedback from previous students and coaches underscore the value of live question and answer dynamics
    • The 6 Sessions and 2 optional Sessions will remain at three hours duration served twice weekly for four weeks
    • The platform will be a web-conferencing program
    • A moderator for each web conference session will support the Coach and students
      • Most importantly to monitor the chat window for questions from the students
      • Admin the waiting room
      • Proctor in-class quizzes
      • Attendance, fees, guests and auditors, audio and video control
      • Security includes: 
        • Moderator intervention
        • Pre-registration
        • Waiting room
        • Password
        • Video participation required to authenticate participants
        • Disable
          • file transfer
          • ’join before’ host
          • ‘allow removed participants to rejoin’






April 1, really 


Dry run to set up 

Coaches invited

Wed 4/7

Domain 1

Architectural Concepts


Thu 4/8

Domain 2

Design Requirements


Wed  4/14

Domain 3

Data Classifications


Thu 4/15 

Domain 4

Cloud Data Security


Wed 4/21

Domain 5

Security in the Cloud


Thu 4/22

Domain 6

Responsibilities in the Cloud


Wed 4/28 


Session content to be determined by class


Wed 4/29 

Practice Test

Official Questions and Answers



Study Halls


Coaches invited



Course Materials

  • (ISC) CCSP Official Study Guide and Official Practice Tests retail for about $60 and $40 each and are not provided by SV-ISSAPerhaps linked from other ISSA Chapters such as well