Stress to Wellness  

Break Your Stress Habit 

Mindfulness begins with your body. Energy flows bring attention to your body and free your mind from chatter—or at least slow down the side conversations.

Learn 3 energy flows to interrupt your stress habit:

1. Amp up Focus
2. Deeper Sleep
3. Joyful relationships

We will cover how to easily shift your focus to create balance and harmony and improve your sense of wellness and health:

1.     Interrupt the stress reponse

2. Experience your body as an energy system – be in touch with your body and discover breath, ease, calm and vitality, so you can experience restful sleep

3.     Manage feelings and emotions – recognize them and repattern them so you can more easily have positive, smoother experiences instead of stumbling blocks

Learning these flows and methods will also:

1. Boost your immune, endocrine and adrenal systems

2.     Help you manage pain and recover from trauma and emotional distress

3. Avoid chronic and long-term health issues associated with higher levels of stress     

Stress is a storyline you can rewrite for a happier life.

Included in your registration:

  • Handouts
  • Workshop Recordings will be available after the workshop

Register for the workshop and break your stress habit.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM PDT
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and May 5 and May 12


This is an online event. 


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