Monday, April 12, 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT
Monday, April 26, 2021 at 9:00 PM EDT

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Lee Ann Somers 
Being U - Holistic Center & Meditation School 

April 2021 Spiritual Maintenance Plan with Lee Ann Somers - Week 2 - Working with Ascended Masters


There are many opportunities to energize your BEING this month in our ongoing programs.

If you haven’t already tried out the BEING U Spiritual Maintenance Plan on Monday evenings from 7pm-8pm, this month is a great opportunity to tune in.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Monday, April 5th – In Week 1’s Healing with the Archangels, Have you ever wondered what energy the Angels and Archangels are energized with? Then, this week’s meditation is for you!

We will ask the Archangels questions like “What vitalizes the Archangels?” and “Can we experience their Angelic VITALITY in our human bodies?” and receive a taste of their energy.

Join me this evening to experience a true Angelic healing from all of these incredible Light Beings.

Monday, April 12th – In Week 2’s Working with the Ascended Masters, we will open a forum of conversation with the Masters and Teachers to receive individualized messages from them about how to improve your Vitality and Vigor. Each participant will receive direct messages from your Ascended Master Guides to answer your questions or to give you messages for any aspects of your life that is for your highest and best good. 

Monday, April 19th – In Week 3’s Alchemy with the 7 Rays, I want to take you into the heart of St. Germain’s Violet Ray Sacred Retreat to be inVIGORated and reVITALIZED. Deep in the heart of Mt. Shasta, there is an etheric retreat where Lightworkers can come to learn directly from St. Germain and he has a special treat in store for you! I’m sworn to secrecy, but you don’t want to miss this one!

Monday, April 26th – In Week 4’s Energetic Clearing, we are going do some maintenance work on your Earth Star Chakra, your energetic roots and Earthly meridians, and through your Earthly grids. Many Lightworkers need help transmuting their Earthly Karmic influences that prevent them from truly grounding their aspirations into the Earthly realm. This can cause one to feel quite disconnected, lonely, homesick, insecure, dis-heartened, and many other things including a feeling of powerlessness or not belonging here on this planet, and even Soul level malnourishment. This week’s energy healing will reVITALIZE and inVIGORate your Earthly connection, giving you access to worldly supply and abundance and help you to embrace humanity as a spiritual playground for your consciousness.

You can join in LIVE or by REPLAY for the whole Spiritual Maintenance Plan for April for $33 or for just the evenings ($11 for each class) that call to your Spirit, as your heart wishes! Week to week you get to bask in the BeUty of your Light, nourish your Spirit, and take care of YOU!

This program is designed for all levels and has no prerequisites and the best time to begin is always in your perfect NOW moment.

I look forward to supporting your spiritual intentions and helping you to shine your Light even brighter!

With all my Love and Light, 
NAMASTE, and thanks for BEing U!!!
Lee Ann Somers


Spiritual Maintenance Plan Enrollment & Pricing: 

Monthly Enrollment is $33/month or $11/class