Important notice for Participants (added June 14th)

Some organzations have firewalls that prevent messages with certain characteristcs from getting through to reciepients.  This can be due to a variety of factors (use of links, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, attachements, etc.) We are discovering this varies widely.

To increase the liklihood that you will recieve important communications about your trainings from us:

  • Check your JUNK/SPAM folder for email from  Move to inbox and click text a top which enables making messaged from us
  • Add to your "Safe Senders" list (how varies based on email processor- I can send link with various instructions- or you can Google it)
  • Check with your IT department to see what their firewalls are set to block.  Let us know, and we will find work arounds for you.


Email with Zoom Link for Tomorrow's session will be sent this afternoon (between 2 & 3 PM)

Since we often do not know whether, or not, you are recieveing messages, for the interim we are finding it best to send what is essentially the same message in different forms (mostly with and without links).  This is a bit frustrating for us all and we appreciate your graciousness as we work our way towards streamling our process to get messages through to everyone- even the  professionals with hightly protected emails.

Reach to me directly if you do NOT recieve the link message you need by 3:PM - Robin

Additional Info for Tuesday

  • “Notes” Handout for use during training session will be sent in message with Zoom access link
  • If seeking CEUs - “Screen Name” must match “Registration Name”. See Instructions below.
  • We will be recording the session. Zoom now requires all participants give “permission” to join the recorded meetings. We will only record/share PPT slides and video of active speaker (anyone who talks) to protect participant privacy.
  • Accessibility: If you need any accommodations, we will do our best to assist- please let us know of your needs

We will send AFTER completion of the session:

  • Certificates of Completion:  to anyone who requests
  • PowerPoint Slides: sent AFTER the session via Dropbox Link (unless other option requested)
  • Video recording: sent AFTER the session via Dropbox Link (unless other option requested)

Continuing Education Credits for this Session

When you enroll/enrolled you were given the ability to request CEUs of various kinds.   We have been able to add to that list and are currently offering: LPC, LCPC, LSW, LCSW, CDVP & CPAIP, LPN, RN, APRN & MFTs,PDCs (teachers).  ( Unfortunately, ILETSBE has put a hold on offering mandates credits.)

Each of these have a different application process and forms to complete.  If you indicated you were seeking CEUs when you registered, you will be sent the appropriate information.  If you did not, or your CEU was made available after your registration, it is not a problem.  Email and tell us what type of CEU you are seeking and we we get forms to you.


  • Confirmation of Attendance: Continuing Education Providers (CEUs) require confirmation of attendance.  Without a physical "sign in sheet', we are required to be creative. This is difficult in Zoom. Zoom creates a log in/log out report. However, if you join/sign-in to a meeting using a name that is different from what you registered with, we cannot confirm your attendance. The name that shows in your ‘screen image block’ the name that Zoom has and reports-because of something you previously entered in their interface. If this is NOT the name you registered with, we have no way of back-tracking to identify who you are. 
  • To be sure of obtaining CEUs, match “screen name” to name used when you registered. If you need to change name, once the meeting starts there are 2 ways to do this:
    • From Participants List
      • Open Participant List by clicking “Participants” on toolbar
      • Hover over your name
      • Click “More”
      • Click “Rename”
      • Enter new screen name
    • Using Your Screen Image
      • Hover over your webcam/name/graphic
      • Click “” (more)
      • Click “rename” (often at bottom of list)
      • Enter new screen name
  • Processing will begin after the 3rd session (July 21st). You will be given credit for total number of hours attended. (Attending all 3 sessions is not required.)
  • Participants who indicated interest in continuing education certificates, and meet sign-in requirements, will automatically receive materials. If you did not indicate interest when you registered, email  

Thank you again for your gracious as you may receive apparently duplicate messages from us as we try various methods to get information through firewalls. (Much of the time we do NOT recieve bounce messages.)

See you soon- Robin

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What we know about child abuse and maltreatment is ever evolving. New research offers fresh insights, challenges some long held beliefs, and introduces new response strategies. In order for us to appropriately and accurately investigate child maltreatment, officers should be aware of current best practices.

You will learn to:

  • More effectively understand law enforcement roles in response to child abuse investigations
  • Identify types of child maltreatment and what law enforcement will encounter on common child maltreatment calls
  • Recognize and understand common child abuse injuries
  • Dispel myths and more accurately understand what child maltreatment may or may not look like
  • Review current studies in child maltreatment to better understand the medical literature and eliminate use of inaccurate and outdated procedures

All Content is specifically created for law enforcement professionals. 

Other professionals are encourged to attend.


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Tuesday, June 15th

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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This is an online event.  Access link will be sent immediately preceding the training.

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Det. Jen Hillgoth, Aurora PD, Lead homicide detective assigned to investigations of infant and child deaths, child physical abuse, child neglect, child endangerment and sex crimes against children.

Questions? Contact

Robin Pelfrey, Coordinator
FVCC-Vamily Violence Coordinating Council 16/23

CEUs Available:

Certificates of Completion available on request.