June 8, 2021


10am - 11am
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This is an online event. 

FREE - A donation is welcomed but not required.


Candace Joice
Denver Children's Advocacy Center 
303-825-3850 x320 

Promoting Resilience Through Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness
Webinar 6 of the
Developing Trauma-Informed Organizations Series

with Christa Grauert, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
and Child & Family Therapist

You are invited to the sixth webinar of our series on Trauma-Informed Care!

Within this training, you will develop an understanding of how yoga and mindfulness practices can promote resilience and mitigate consequences of childhood trauma. Training objectives include: 

  • Define childhood trauma and understand its impact on brain development; 
  • Learn why yoga and mindfulness are effective tools for promoting resilience; 
  • Identify essential components of trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness interventions

Please join as we continue increasing our toolbox of skills needed to support our Colorado Communities. 

Who Should Attend:
Professionals, Caregivers, and the General Public

Level of Training:

June 8, 2021

10am — 11am

Online via Zoom

FREE: A donation is welcomed but not required.

About the Presenter:

Christa Grauert graduated from Regis University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a certificate in Child and Adolescent Therapy. She has been a part of the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center team since 2017 when she began as a clinical intern. Christa is originally from Portland, OR where she graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Following her undergraduate years, Christa gained experience in the field working as a mental health skills trainer for two years in a Residential Living Facility. She also spent a summer in Rhinebeck, New York working with at risk youth and teens. Christa has been passionate about working with children and adolescents since she set her goal of becoming a therapist in middle school. She continues to pursue new trainings to add to her tool box of skills and bring into the classroom’s as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant and as Child & Family Therapist.

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Registration for these Webinars Coming Soon!

Registration links and more detailed information will be posted at
DenverCAC.org as they becomes available.