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Upon registration, you will have one month of 24/7 on-demand access to the 4-hour course.


$250 plus $25 with State of Florida CEUs.

FREE! Through May 31st as a part of Mental Health and Traum-Informed Care awareness month, there is no cost for this workshop. Use the promo code gygo23 (CLICK APPLY TO WAIVE THE FEE).


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Center for Child Counseling 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Defining the Role of a Healer/Helper 
  • Types and Causes of Stress 
  • Biology and Physiology of Stress
  • Exploring ACEs & Their Relationship to Stress and Well-Being
  • Impacts of Stress:
    • Burnout
    • Vicarious Trauma
    • Compassion Fatigue 
    • Challenges Faced by Specific Groups of Helpers/Healers
  • COVID-19 and the Impact on Helpers/Healers
  • Self-Care & Resilience Building



Healing the Healers: Creating Happy, Healthy Healers and a Happy, Healthy Workforce 

Feeling stressed? … Burnt-out? … Overworked?

There is a saying: “You can’t pour from an empty cup…” If you consider yourself a healer or helper and you constantly GIVE – now it is your time to TAKE! Refill your cup now.

We care about you!

This 4-hour training is designed to address the stress and various challenges faced by helpers and healers in the medical, mental, and behavioral health professions. The training teaches self-care and resilience building strategies, particularly important as helpers and healers during the COVID-19 crisis showed alarming rates of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even suicide. Unfortunately, the impact is expected to worsen once the crisis is over as an aftermath of collective trauma.

Burnout is defined as a long-term reaction to occupational stress which involves, particularly, the helping professions. The burnout epidemic is detrimental to client care and may exacerbate the mental health professionals shortage we are experiencing. Burnout can be caused by secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, stress or moral injury. According to several studies, it appears that up to 67% of mental health workers may be experiencing high levels of burnout, with the significant impact of COVID yet to be determined.

The pandemic has impacted mental health on a broad scale. Leading mental health researchers and professionals anticipated an 'echo pandemic' after the physical pandemic passed, and we are seeing increased incidences of depression, anxiety, and suicide, escalating the demand for healers and helpers who are supported and mentally healthy themselves to serve our communities .


FREE Until May 31!

Regular cost for the 4-hour, online training is $250 and $275 with CEUs, but through May 2023, we are offering it at no cost as a part of Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Care Month!

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