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Mount Shasta, California 
Mount Shasta, CA  



Lee Ann Somers 
Being U - Holistic Center & Meditation School 

Mount Shasta Retreat: The Path to Sacred Initiation 

Namaste My BeUtiful Friends,


For years now, I have been hearing the call from St. Germain, the Chohan of the Violet Flame, to bring a group of initiates to the sacred sites of Mount Shasta where his etheric retreat calls home, and now, at the Inauguration of the Aquarian Age, it is time to answer the call from the Master in the Mountain!


I am honored, on behalf of St. Germain and our friends in Spirit, to extend this most magical invitation to you BeUtiful Lightworkers to join us on the Mountain for the Alchemical journey of a lifetime!




Every great retreat begins with Sacred Intention, and our Mount Shasta Retreat has a Three-Fold Personal, Collective, and Divine Purpose.


At a personal level, the Intention is to provide all that you need to achieve a Sacred Initiation OF YOUR OWN DESIGN. Whatever your Soul seeks in this moment, whether it is a powerful new beginning, a completion of a sacred process, a divine intervention, a revelation of your sacred purpose, an experience of bliss, a celebration of connection, the awakening of your creative power, the discovery of your inner beauty, the granting of ascension, or any other sacred intention that arises from your SELF, I can’t imagine a more perfect time than NOW or a more perfect setting than Mount Shasta to achieve your goals!


At a collective group level, the Intention is to create a sacred alchemical experience that blends the wisdom, power, and energy of each high vibrational Being who attends into an experience of UNITY, HARMONY, and ONENESS that will be offered to the Light of Mount Shasta for all the ages.


At the Source level, our Intention is to BE in Service to Divine Will and to the Violet Flame’s Aquarian Agenda at this time. Every step of this journey will be dripping with higher meaning and purpose, and we will dedicate our work to the greatest and highest good for all and support the teams on the Rays in the sacred capacity to which we are guided on the Mountain.




The power of a sacred retreat offers you a profound immersion into the Light of your SELF, an opportunity to practice Living Mastery. It invites you to elevate your vibration, to transform that which no longer serves you, to develop direction, to reconnect to that which matters most, or to relish in the amazingness that you are! With such a high concentration of Spiritual forces, the possibilities are limitless!


Our Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat – The Path to Sacred Initiation is your chance, once and for all, to gently tumble off the delicate tight rope that Lightworkers teeter on between the Spirit and the Physical, and magically transcend the state of duality to become established in a permanent state of spiritual integration, Mastery, and Ascension.

St. Germain would say this is the journey of an Alchemist, one who knows that Spirit IS Matter and Matter IS Spirit, and you are a MASTER of both! The Alchemy of Mount Shasta and St. Germain’s Violet Flame will ground you into everlasting consciousness, presence, intentionality, lovingness, connection, creativity, Mastery, and so much more!





  • Immersion into the pristine environments of Mount Shasta, the Redwoods, and surrounding areas and visits to their sacred sites, vortexes, waterfalls, etheric temples, Earth chakra points, and Violet Flame portals


  • Spiritual practices at power points along the journey such as intention setting, cleansing rituals, yoga, meditation, chanting of mantas, Violet Flame invocations, chakra toning, journaling, etc.


  • Lee Ann’s channeled messages, guided meditations and energetic attunements from the Masters and Guides of the Healing Rays.


  • Sacred Time to BE with yourself – to hike, rest, Be in quietude, play, cultivate inner peace, or even go shopping if you wish!


  • A Sacred Vibe – contributed to by all who attend. From the moment we begin the Path, we are each other’s spiritual mirrors and energetic partners, so we uphold the highest standard of Sacred Beingness with positive vibes, integrity, unconditional love and support, acceptance, and personal responsibility while honoring the group’s collective intentions and co-creativeness.


  • Spiritual connection, guidance, healing, and assistance from your God/Goddess/Source, Angelic, Elemental, and Celestial Guides and Guardians, and the Ascended Masters and Teachers who are our hosts in Spirit.




Mount Shasta is an energetic powerhouse for alchemical transformation, sacred renewal, spiritual initiation, and purposeful alignment to all things spiritual!


Mount Shasta is truly a gateway between the realms. Its influence bridges the etheric realms of Spirit and grounds the Divine Plan into the Earthly planes and elemental kingdoms. Mount Shasta is also both a spiritual campus and a healing refuge for the realm of humanity and especially for those who seek Divine connection, guidance, healing, and purpose. 


The energetic melting pot of Mount Shasta has a very unique Alchemy in terms of its Ray influences. Firstly, The Violet Flame has a dominate presence here, not only because St. Germain has traditionally called Mount Shasta his home and workshop, but also because the Aquarian team in Spirit has recently made Mount Shasta one of their headquarters for the Aquarian Age, and they are constantly downloading the Divine Energy, Consciousness, and Will through Mount Shasta portals to higher realms.


Secondly, Mount Shasta is quickly becoming the etheric hub for a reawakening of the Aquamarine Secret Ray which has been dormant on the planet since Lemurian times. Due to its rich Alchemy, its Violet Ray potency, and its deep ancestral roots leading all the way back to the Lemurian Era, Mount Shasta etheric planes are an ideal space for great ancient Beings to rebuild the momentum of the Aquamarine energy so that it can partner with the Aquarian initiatives and unite the Light on our Planet for this Age.


Thirdly, Mount Shasta is intricately connected to the work of the White Ray and it is a vital part of transmitting this Ascension Ray around the planet from West to East for our entire continent and beyond. We will

be connecting into the White Ray Temple near Redding, CA where our Path to Sacred Initiation begins and where the Archangels Gabriel and Hope call home, before entering into the forcefield of Mount Shasta. This will be an opportunity to cleanse our Spirits, to purify our intentions, to unite our group together, and to ask for higher blessings and assistance for the journey ahead.


Finally, Mount Shasta is known as the Crown Chakra of California, and as such it opens the spiritual crown center for all who visit so that they may know themselves as higher Beings with Divine orientation. As our Path to Sacred Initiation unfolds, you will journey not only into the beauty of Mount Shasta and into the loving empowerment of the Violet Flame but also into the heart of your TRUE SELF.




I am sure that many of you have intuitively been feeling the energies shifting this year in subtle but powerful ways both personally and planetarily, and like me, you have probably heard the silent voice of Initiation calling to you from deep within your Soul, for this is truly a time for new beginnings, the awakening of your sacred purpose, and the unfolding of the Flames of your Spirit.


After almost two years of covertly reintegrating our higher consciousness into connection with our humanity, secretly refilling our spiritual reservoirs with abundant resources, and internally shifting into the energies of a new Planetary Age, we are primed and ready to let our Light, Love, and Consciousness emerge into the world of materialization in new and unprecedented ways.


Not to mention, it’s time to have some FUN!!!


I invite you to join me in celebration of the arrival of the Aquarian Age and to honor the contributions that each of us has made to this monumental collective accomplishment! My friends, Mount Shasta beckons you to enter into the heart of the Aquarian Violet Flame’s alchemy and to emerge as the FREE BEINGS that you ARE, and it would be my greatest honor to share this experience with you!


Come experience with us this soul embracing adventure in this majestic place. Spend 9 incredible days with us as we journey on this Path to Sacred Initiation! I look forward to seeing you on the Mountain!


With all my Love and Light, Namaste!

Lee Ann Somers



Our Journey Together Includes:


  • Shared lodging at beautiful hotels and inns


  • Daily journeys through and to some of the most awe inspiring and sacred sites on the planet, including McCloud River Falls, Pluto’s Cave, Panther Meadows, Faery Falls, Castle Lake, Heart Lake, Sequoia Park, Redwoods, Wedding Rock Beach, and more.


  • Daily spiritual practices including yoga/chi gong, meditations, toning, and chanting


  • Free time to experience the local charm and some additional fun activities


  • Delicious meals


  • AND more!!!


Additional Information:


  • Book your flights so that you arrive at the Redding Municipal Airport (RDD) on Friday, September 3, 2021 by 6 pm and depart Redding Municipal Airport on Saturday, September 11, 2021 (or Sacramento International Airport - SMF)


  • Retreat Fee of $2,950 (plus $100 if paying by credit card or PayPal) Includes: Shared lodging, local transportation, most meals, entrance and tour fees, yoga and chi gong classes, and teachings


  • Retreat Fee does NOT include: Travel to and from Redding Municipal Airport, tour and health insurance, private sessions, spa treatments, a couple meals, and spending money


  • Payment plans are available but all tour fees must be paid by August 16, 2021


  • Registrations are completed after submitting the Retreat Application Form


  • All registration fees are final


  • We will be complying with all national, state, and local COVID rules, protocols, and guidelines but are also honoring each attendee’s choice as to how you would like to proceed when we are in a group