Fall 2021 Irrigation Workshops


City of Chandler

Ph# 480-782-3589

Email: Conserve@chandleraz.gov

Website: Chandler Water Conservation

Town of Queen Creek

Ph# 480-358-3455

Email: ConservetheQC@QueenCreek.org

Website: Town of Queen Creek Water Conservation


Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM MST
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Smart Irrigation Controllers

Adjusting your watering schedules more often saves water and is better for the landscape. The most accurate way is to adjust the watering each time based on the weather since the last time it watered. Learn how smart controllers do all this on their own and how to select the right controller for our region and your yard. 

This workshop is presented in collaboration with the Sunset Chandler Library.

 Chandler resident? You could receive a rebate up to $250 for purchasing and installing a smart irrigation controller.   

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This is an online event. Once registered, we will be sending out reminder emails with links and further instructions.

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