Friday, October 15, 2021 at 9:00 PM PDT
Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 2:30 PM PDT

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Valerie Weil 
AHAF/AAHA Conference 

Conference Schedule

All times listed are Pacific Time Zone, Please adjust accordingly for your area:

Friday, October 15, 2021

9:00-9:15 AM  Opening Remarks
9:15-10:10 AM Yaakov Rosenthal: Effect of Stress on the Handwriting of Teens
10:15-10:25 AM Break
10:30-11:00 AM  Presenting Elena Gewer's Material on Handwriting and Math
11:00-11:30 AM Jane Yank: Research 
11:30-11:50 AM BreakOut Rooms (Various topics)
12:00-12:30 PM Lunch Break
12:30-1:15 PM Panel Discussions
1:15-1:25 PM Break
1:25-2:20 PM Victor Clark: Mood States and Traits 
2:25-2:40 PM Music and Quiz  "Wine and Cheese"

Saturday, October 23, 2021

9:00-9:15 AM Introductions
9:15-10:10 AM Namita Joshi: Entrophy and Lower Zone
10:15-10:30 AM Break
10:30-11:25 AM  Lauren Mooney Bear: Gender & HW
11:25-11:50 AM Awards
11:50-12:30 PM Lunch Break 
12:30-1:25 PM Val Weil: Hecklers and Skeptics
1:30-2:00 PM Donna Whipple
2:00-2:30 PM Breakout Rooms
2:30-3:00 PM Edda Manley's Fun Activities 


2021 AHAF/AAHA Online Conference 

The 2021 AHAF/AAHA Conference will be held completely online using Zoom.us Cloud Meeting Services, so this event will be as convenient to you as your own computer, tablet or smartphone.  The conference will be held on Friday October 15 and Saturday October 23, from 9AM - 3PM Pacific time  (that's a start time of 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and Noon Eastern).  We have some amazing speakers lined up for you!


Below is the list of speakers, their bios and topics.  Please Note:  The order of the speakers will be determined when we have confirmed all speakers.  We are presently adding to this list!  Stay tuned for the complete agenda!

Yaakov Rosenthal — "Effects of Stress on Teen Handwriting"

 Yaakov Rosenthal was educated at Hofstra University (BA in  Psychology in  1971); graduated from The Manhattan School of  Graphology in 1988; and  was mentored with the late Felix Klein who  was the president of the  American Graphology Association and  lecturer at Oxford, England. Yaakov  has lectured for organizations in  United States, England, Australia, Brazil  and Israel ranging in age  from teenagers to seniors.  

  As a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Trauma Therapist, he  reaches out  to help others in avariety of situations and events.  He  uses both  Handwriting Analysis and Face Reading skills to quickly assess situations as  a trauma therapsit and a jury consultant.

Professionals who have used my services: Employers, Lawyers, Private Detectives, Psychologists, School Administrators, Social Workers, Dating Services, Lawyers and Individuals, and School Principals.  To date, Yaakov has authored two books that incorporate Handwriting Analysis with Teenagers: Unlock-The Secret World of Teenagers (2014) and Translating The Teenage Roar (2019).

Ralph Zackheim & Theresa Ortega:

Elena Gewer's Material on "Handwriting and Math"

Those of us who are trained in N. American handwriting analysis methods are learning a lot from Spanish speaking graphologists.  We would like to share just a bit of this exciting knowledge that
we have picked up in the last 12 months.  And, yes, much of it comes from "mathematical graphology". 
Speakers:   Elena Gewer,  Argentine Psychologist - extensive work in a variety of field - with children, adults, in the prision system, expert witness before the Argentine Supreme Court.  Elena will talk about Mathematical Grafology & how it is used for signature analysis. (using a video of her speaking in Spanish with English subtitles running below)
Theresa Ortega & Ralph Zackheim - will talk about the origins of AHAF's Grupo Grafologico, how it now includes members from 7 countries, and how some of the methods used have broadened the perspectives of English speaking Handwriting Analysts.

 Dr. Jane Yank - "Advances in Handwriting Research 2021"

 Professor Jane Yank is a licensed psychologist and licensed clinical social  worker with a PhD in kinesiology (movement science) from the  University of  Minnesota, who focused on the interaction between  handwriting and  cognitive processes. She currently teaches and  conducts research methods  for Walden University and Crown  University in Minnesota. 

 The presentation  will include a description of recent handwriting research  from cognitive,  educational, and and  neurobiological disciplines,  with a  focus on several  key articles that  will illustrate the increasing consensus of  scientists that  handwriting  is a vital skill that fosters development of critical thinking skills  and comprehension, communication, empathy, and even mathematics.  So, put your laptops away, grab your favorite writing tool and paper, and join us!

Breakout Room Discussions

Your chance to pick two of your favorite topics to discuss in a small group led by an expert. Several breakout rooms will be hosted simultaneously for approximately 20 minutes, and you choose the ones you most want to attend. Most will be repeated on the second day of the conference, so pick two on the registation form!  Here's the topics:

  • Certification, lead by Ralph Zackheim, AHAF Certification Chair
  • Human Resourcing, lead by HR Director Josue Briseno
  • Business, lead by Sheila Lowe
  • Document Examination, lead by Reed Hayes (Only available on October 15)
  • Books, lead by AHAF Librarian Tricia Clapp
  • Zoom, lead by Yechezkel Bond and Ashira Gobrin  (Only available on October 15)
  • Social Media & Marketing, lead by Theresa Ortega

Victor Clark:  "States and Traits: How Handwriting Expresses Personality from Mood States"

  Victor Clark has been a clinical graphologist consulting to  psychotherapists  for twenty-five years. Certified AHAF, Mr. Clark was  awarded a Master of  Science in counseling psychology by the  University of Kansas in 1996.  Previously he applied handwriting  analysis to career and executive  assessment. But was inspired by  supervising psychologist Dr. Hermann at  Menninger Clinic to study  clinical graphology. 

 He began as a psychiatric nurse’s aide at a mental hospital in  Kansas Then  applied clinical graphology in private practice. Rising to  Clinical Director of  Mental Health and Drug Abuse Outpatient Agency, Victor incorporated  graphology in the psychiatric intake process.

Since 2010 Mr. Clark has been principal of Character Evaluation consulting.

Music and Trivia with Chuck and Edda

 Our own  favorite musician, Chuck Talmadge has will be providing  some amazing sounds and games for us to have some fun!

Namita Joshi:  "Entropy and Lower Zone Alphabets g and y"

  Namita is a Psychology graduate, with a Masters in Education &    Democracy (2008), UK and a Masters in Public Policy (2016). She  has been  a passionate student of Graphology since 2002 and has  earned international  experience in the subject through her  memberships and networks with the  British Institute of Graphologists  and the British Psychological Society  (BPS).  

 Previously, she has worked as a German language teacher in an  International School and in the realms of Education policy and Public  policy  through her work at a reputed ‘think tank’. She has authored  policy papers  that have been shared with the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), India and the Government of India’s Committee on the National Policy of Education (NEP 2020). 

Namita has been running the Aatman Training Center for Graphology since 2011. Her diverse range of experiences and her expertise in teaching and applied research enable deep learning for students at Aatman. She is passionate about working with youngsters and helping them gain clarity regarding their career and life choices. She recently also got earned a certification in Questioned Document Examination and Fingerprint examination.

Lauren Mooney Bear:  "Gender and Handwriting"

 Lauren is our AHAF chair for the Campaign for Cursive. 

 The presentation will be looking at gender identification and its  validity to the  graphologist. Ask yourself, "Do Pronouns Matter?"  Her  talk will touch on the  historical appearance of multiple genders  through the current day; Disucss  what are the new pronouns; why it  is  important for us to know and use the  appropriate pronouns.  She  will lead us in a discussion of samples for  Transgender folks’ writing,  before and after.  

  Lauren  Mooney Bear was introduced to handwriting analysis in the early    80s and studied trait stroke Graphoanalysis with IGAS and later joined American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) and completed Sheila Lowe's Independent Study Program in Gestalt Graphology. Lauren has served as a judge for the Cursive is CoolŽ contest for several consecutive years and worked alongside Gayna Scott as the assistant director and then director for the Cursive is CoolŽ contest. Since January of this year she  has served  as the Chairperson for Campaign for CursiveŽ.  

Lauren has held community workshops in Washington State and Northern California teaching graphology and is passionate about using Graphology in helping people to understand people. 


Valerie Weil, CG - Hecklers and Skeptics

Over the decades, Handwriting Analysis has been regarded with Skeptical looks and some pretty negative commentary.  But why? How do we fix this?  And, what do we say to those that challenge us?

Valerie Weil is a Certified Graphologist through AHAF. She is the webmaster for the Campaign for Cursive, and serves as a judge for their national Cursive is Cool contest. She is the current AHAF Education Chair and runs the weekly online AHAF Study Group.  She is also the AAHA (American Assn of Handwriting Analysts) Newsletter Editor and Webmaster, and Newsletter Editor for SAFE (Scientific Assn of Forensic Examiners). She owns Expressed In Writing and the Insyte Challenge Handwriting Analysis Course.  Val does a lot of lecturing and demonstrating various aspects of handwriting and handwriting analysis for local county school districts and library networks in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Donna Whipple: 

  Donna Whipple Psy.D. is the AHAF Ethics Chair and the President of  the  New England Society for Handwriting Analysis.

  In 2021, a dedicated team reviewed and revised the prior ethics code  for  AHAF.  This brief workshop will review the new ethics code using  real life  examples of ethical dilemmas.  


Edda Manley:  Fun Activities

  Get your thinking caps on, as Edda has compiled some interesting  contests   involving trivia, graphology, and just serious fun!