Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT
Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT

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Rev. Diana Friedell, Pastor & Co-Director; 
Institute for Spiritual Development 

Your Instructors:

Jo Ann Wormuth experienced a dream visitation by Archangel Gabriel while recovering from a life-threatening illness in 2014.  She came to understand that this visitation was her calling by God to use her gifts as a “Lightworker” to help humanity on Earth.  JoAnn began a path to become an Energy Healer by completing Eden Energy Medicine Foundations.  She is now a Reiki Master-Teacher and an Integrated Energy TherapyŽ Master-Instructor.  She is a sanctioned healer with the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY where she participates in the Sunday "healing chairs" once a month as a volunteer. In all her practices and teachings, she strives to impart that true health is a balance of physical, mental and spiritual bodies. She retired from her position as Human Resource Manager/NYS Regional Certification Officer with DCMO BOCES in February of 2014. She still enjoys teaching fitness classes for the Adult Education Program at BOCES.

 More info: https://www.facebook.com/sweet.transformations/

Diana Friedell, Tuning In – Tuning Up

Diana was trained in the Spiritualist tradition. She has been reading, healing & teaching for 20 years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY & a graduate of the teaching program at SUNY Oneonta. Diana currently serves as Pastor & Co-Director at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away in 1994.  Diana is available for private appointments, parties, phone readings and meditation & intuitive development classes.

Office: 124 County Highway 58, Oneonta, NY; 607-433-2089


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History & Science of Spiritual & Energy Healing w/JoAnn Wormuth & Diana Friedell 

From medicine man to priest-healers, JoAnn introduces us to colorful spiritual healers, healing cults & their methods & beliefs about healing, through pre-historic times to ancient Greece. In Part II, Diana reviews research that proves the existence of the energy body & the efficacy of energy healing, + which hospitals offer it as a treatment modality.

Temple of Asclepius, the ancient Greek priest-physician

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JoAnn, our healing program director, will lead off with in Part I with  a fascinating presentation on the role disease and healing methods have played in lives of humans since the early inhabitants of Mother Earth. The impact of specific rituals and individuals on the future development of scientific based medical practices will be introduced.

What will be covered? In Part One. . .

  • Healing in the Prehistoric Era
  • The role of a Shaman or Medicine Man in Ancient History (5000 B.C. – 400 A.D.)
  • Dream and Healing Meditation

In Part Two. . .

  • What Science knows about a measurable, but un-seeable Human Energy Field, possibly verifying the existence of a "True Self" eternal version of you.
  • What research has shown about success rates of several energy healing modalities - including Therapeutic Touch and Reiki
  • "Integrative Medicine"- along with your Doctor's Plan
  • What are Medical Schools Teaching students now?

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This workshop is the 1st in a series of 7 classes required for the ISD Oneonta Healing Certification Program. Although anyone may take it, you don’t have to be a student in the healing certification program to register.    Click here for Program Description, to meet the faculty, and see tuition rates.  You may register for the whole program, or for just this class at the "Register Now" link above. Those who choose to take the whole program become sanctioned healers for ISD, and are certified to practice healing at ISD Services & events. You can also just take the classes one at a time- they do not have to be in sequence - and register separately.  You may, if you prefer, take the classes over a longer time period, as they will keep repeating. To receive the discounted rate, you must pre-pay for all 7 through the "Register Now!" link above.