Tuesday, August 10 | 11:00am-2:00pm cst
Wednesday, August 11 | 11:00am-2:00pm cst

Virtual Workshop 

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Caitlin Strittmatter, Communications Director

                       Blueprint 5.0 Workshop                           facilitated by Chad and Jeff of Blueprint Consulting Group 

Pre-Workshop | Watch (3) pre-recorded sessions                           Day 1 | 11-2 cst | Prospecting with Chad & Jeff                               Day 2 | 11-2 cst | Initial Meeting, Discovery & Blueprint

 Below is a brief overview of the Blueprint 5.0 Workshop:
  • 4 critical steps to becoming an essential advisor to clients and prospects
  • How to convert your tools into measurable outcomes
  • Authentic differentiation with results instead of sameness with all your capabilities
  • Learn the formula for change: DxVxF>R
  • How to charge for extras instead of giving them away
  • Use dashboards to engage CFO's
  • Engage support vendors in a whole new way
  • Communicate with a powerful non-selling language to lower buyer's resistance
  • Learn the power of creating a long-term benefits strategy with clients
  • Be perceived as more valuable even by your very best clients
  • Groundbreaking prospecting tools for getting more "at-bats"
  • A unique proposal strategy for a transparent new world
  • Get your entire organization singing from the same hymnal
  • Shorten the new producer training cycle
  • Overcome the 5 bottlenecks to growth

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