Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST
Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST

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Debra Langevin 
The Autism Project 
401-785-2666, ext 76788 

"Parent-to-Parent ASD" for Woonsocket (02895), Bristol/Warren (02809, 02885), and Central Providence (02908, 02909) 

Thanks to a preschool development grant from the Woonsocket, Bristol, and Central Providence Health Equity Zones, The Autism Project is proud to offer the "Parent-to-Parent ASD" 5-part series. You are eligible to take this FREE series if you are a parent or guardian supporting a child from birth-5 years old in the following zip codes: 02908, 02909, 02895, 02809. 

We are specifically targeting these populations within the Bristol, Woonsocket, and Central Providence areas in order to educate, identify, and assess potential developmental delays. Our goal is to provide professionals with the tools to have difficult conversations with families, and we want to provide parents with the tools to have difficult conversations with their child's pediatrician. By increasing screenings, diagnoses, and placement for appropriate care, we may be able to reduce disparities for underserved children who are at risk of, or who may already have, an autism diagnosis. After all, we believe knowledge is power and education is intervention, especially when raising a child with autism or developmental delays.

January 18, 2022/ 6:00-7:30PM, EST: "Understanding Autism" : Parents will gain an understanding of three (3) core areas affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (communication, social skills, fixed/repetitive behaviors, interests, and activities) and how they impact a child’s abilities in communication, self-regulation and learning.

January 25, 2022-/6:00-7:30PM, EST: "Communication": Communication challenges impact individuals with developmental differences. We will discuss the various forms of communication (verbal and nonverbal) and how best to support our children as their ability to communicate develops.

February 1, 2022/6:00-7:30PM, EST: "Visual Supports ":  Most individuals with developmental challenges are visual learners. Visual supports promote communication and independence. Families will learn how to implement these tools at home and in the community. The group will have an opportunity to “make and take” a schedule with them to begin using at home.

February 8, 2022/ 6:00-7:30PM, EST: "Visual Supports in Practice": As we continue to learn and experience the importance of visual supports, families will be taught how to teach “wait”, “help” and how to ask for a break, using visual supports. We will also learn about Carol Gray’s strategy of using Social Stories® to explain and help navigate a given situation. Lastly, we will learn about how to use a countdown timer to structure the passing of time to promote successful transitions.

February 15, 2022 , 2021/6:00-7:30PM, EST: "Postive Advocacy": Having a child with special needs often means we need to learn a whole new language. We will discuss how to form a positive team of professionals around you and your child and how to be an effective communicator. Families will learn about special education law, IDEA, what an IEP and 504 plans are, and how they benefit our children.

For any questions, please contact Debra Langevin using the information to the left. Thank you!